Joe’s Charming Country Cabin, Built to Last

“We built a house, and then with plenty of space, we decided to go for a cabin.”


Set on 10 acres of land, this Cedarspan™ creates a picture-perfect scene. 

“It was excellent value for money because it was affordable in the first place.”


It was 2005 when Joe added the prefab cabin to his property. 

Cedarspan™ 20C30 with cedar upgrade, and additional verandah and deck

“The structure is the sort of thing that would last for ages. We did sell it after 12 years, and at that stage, it looked good as new.”


He recalls the design process, choosing the size and orientation of windows and doors. 

“We came up and visited Cedarspan™, and I was impressed with the flexibility.”

“I was very impressed that you could choose a panel and the size of window you wanted in it.”


Sixteen years on, Joe remembers delivery day well. 

“It was daunting at the beginning, but as we got into it, we realised that all you had to do was a bit like following a recipe.”

“Each panel was easily managed by one or two people, which was an important factor because I was hoping to do it without needing builders.”


One by one the prefab Cedarspanpanels go up
The ease of construction made it a DIY project

Joe enlisted the help of his family. 

“My children, son-in-law, grandkids, and wife were all part of the building process.”

“All the panels were pre-drilled, so all we had to do was put the bolts through them and tighten them up. It was quite incredible how all the panels would line up.”


Joe painted his Cedarspan™ prefab cabin grey to blend in with the landscape

The country cabin also created a special place for the grandkids to enjoy a simpler life. 

“They loved coming up to our few acres there. It was a real opportunity for them to get into the bush and have plenty of room to play.”


The cabin provides a quiet place to retreat from the main house

Joe says the cabin was also a highlight for prospective buyers. 

“It certainly added more than the cost of it to the value of the property.”

“When we sold it, people were more excited about the cabin than the house!”


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