This Pool Cabana is a Family’s Happy Space


In and around this pool cabana, a family of four creates special memories.

“Our garden wouldn’t be the same without it.”

“We’ve had plenty of pool parties, so it gets good use during get-togethers.”

Berni says it’s proving to be a valuable and versatile space for her family’s changing needs.

“Initially, it was a pool room, and it became my work from home office.”

“It’s become critical for us. Our house isn’t particularly big.”

Berni chose a Mod 18 in board and batten. She added two sets of double doors, allowing plenty of natural light to fill the outdoor space.

Mod 18 in board and batten with 2 sets of double doors

“We went to the showroom and had a look, and then we decided we would have the double doors open out to the pool.”

The mother of two says the cabana has enhanced her lifestyle.

“At the end of the workday, closing the doors and leaving it behind is good for your mental health.”

“To sit near the pool while you’re working is a luxury.”

The Mod 18 measures 5.4m x 3.2m, painting and decoration by Berni

And now, as seasons change, the cabana will once again be a focal point for family fun and relaxation.

“Soon, it will become a place for the inflatables and the towels. It becomes a hub for music and time together at the weekend.”

Additionally, the cabana can serve as a poolside changing room for the family as well.

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