Lesley’s Peaceful Art Studio

“It’s fabulous. I love it.”

“It’s a place to be creative.”

Most of all, it’s a sanctuary, away from all distractions.

“It’s away from the house. No one can phone me. I’m away from the internet.”

Lesley chose a Porch 20 with a cedar upgrade.

She added double doors, sidelights, and colonial-style doors.

The flexible design allowed Leslie to choose the size and orientation of doors and windows

“I’m an artist, so what it looked like was important.”

“I love the designs, especially these heritage looking cabanas. That’s why I wanted to go with Melwood.”

“The roof angle is the right angle, and the proportion of the length to the width is very pleasing.”

Inside Lesley’s art studio with timber framing and foil sarking visible

The flexibility of the design allowed Lesley to create a studio to suit her needs.

“I had a lot of doors put in so I could have a lot of light come through.”

Since having the studio installed, Leslie hasn’t fitted it out.

With the sarking visible, she says she’s grown accustomed to its rustic look.

“I don’t know if I’ll ever line it. But, it reflects the light, so it’s beneficial.”

What Lesley loves most is how picture perfect it looks on her property.

“Sometimes in winter, you wake up, and the whole world is white. There it was, all covered in snow.”

The Porch 20 looks picture perfect in a winter wonderland

And while she appreciates the beauty of a winter wonderland, she will always favour a warmer climate.

“I was born in the desert. I was born in the Alice.”

“It’s a chapter of accidents how I ended up in Katoomba!”

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