Sonia’s teen retreat – a fun family project


Check out Sonia’s multi-purpose garden room that serves as a DJ station for birthday parties, a special off-the-grid weekender for the family, as well as a teenage retreat.

“For us, it’s an extra room – especially for my teenage kids. An open, fun and private space for them to sit and chat with their friends or to enjoy their favourite hobby.”

“It’s not just the monetary value. It’s the lifestyle value the cabana has added to our lives.”

“I felt it would be a secret spot for the teenage kids or a perfect place to work.”

Following the installation of Sonia’s Melwood Workshed 2036, her two teenagers engaged in a fun family project to keep them occupied and enjoy time together as a family.

Her teen kids were pleasantly surprised when mum gifted the garden room to them, giving them freedom to paint, decorate and choose the colour scheme.

It was a family session with friends helping to prime it and paint it.”

Sonia chose the Workshed 2036 in board and batten with double doors and Colorbond roof in Woodland Grey.

“We painted the wooden frame and the kids chose some wallpaper I had in the house.”

“I like involving them and they like to be involved. They chose all the colours.”

A family project: Sonia and her teens fitted out the cabana.

Now, it’s a functional space the whole family enjoys.

“I have the kids on alternate weeks, so when they’re here, it’s my daughter using it during the day. My son uses it during the weekends to do his DJ’ing.”

“Then, when they go back to their father, it’s finally my office. So it’s definitely a shared space.”

Sonia and her teenagers have created a fun and playful backyard retreat.

Sonia recounts designing her garden room.

“The process was very easy. I went to see one of your showrooms. I thought it’s a garden room, but it’s built and constructed like a proper house.”

“It has gutters, insulation, a proper roof. I wanted something that could last.”

It’s a family’s backyard retreat and one of Sonia’s prized possessions.

“I own my personal cabana but not my house yet.”

Multipurpose garden room: Teen retreat and home office. Images by Andrea Francolini @afrancolini

“I’m renting, so I asked my landlord to have it positioned in the garden, and she agreed.”

“I can take it or dismantle it when my lease ends.”

“I’m pretty sure my landlord would love to keep it, but maybe not with the pink door and spotty wallpaper!”


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