Inside this Cedar Barn, Bruce is King of his Domain

A man cave.

And a quiet place to retreat.

This is Bruce’s sanctuary.

“That’s my little play area.”


It was 2015 when Bruce set out to add a prefab structure to his property.

“We did a bit of research, and we found the Cedarspan™ buildings, and we liked the look of the barns.”

“It’s already added value to the property.”

“I rate it highly.”


Cedarspan™ 30C40 with cedar upgrade, cedar windows and cedar doors, and additional verandah

The cedar barn is a striking feature of the farm.

“Our house is on the top of the hill, so the barn is as you drive in on the property.”

“They love the cedar look. Everyone comments on it when they get here.”


Bruce says the prefab barn has changed how he and his family use their property.

“Before the barn, we had a carport next to the house, and I used to put the mower there and put a tarp over it.”

“Now that I’ve built the barn, I’ve been able to free up so much space.”


Bruce later added his own additional verandah

It’s also home to some of his favourite things.

“It’s functional for what we need. I’ve got all my surfboards and farm equipment.”


But it’s off-limits to the rest of the family!

“We made sure we told the children that the barn is not a place to put all their junk.”


The ultimate man cave: Bruce uses the barn to store his farm equipment and surfing gear

The barn also doubles up as a multi-purpose space. 

“The selling point for us was also the loft. I’ve put my office up there so I can record all the details of what I’m doing around the farm.”

“I’ve put the internet in there for my office.”


While designing his Cedarspan Bruce was initially considering a smaller structure.

“We did a bit of planning around what we wanted to put in there.”

“We then chose the larger one, which is the perfect size for my farm machinery and farm equipment.”


Six years on, Bruce fondly recalls building the prefab barn with his son.

“He and I built it together. It was a fun exercise for both of us.”

“He picked up a lot of building and plumbing experience while he was an electrician. So I was learning from him, but I didn’t want to tell him that!”


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