Julie’s Multi-Purpose Backyard Cabin

Creating customised backyard cabins is what we do here at Melwood.

One of our recent clients, Julie, originally wanted her own space for educational purposes, yet once she began the process she realised that she could do much more with her cabin! 

“Initially, I wanted to build a studio to have a space for Engish tutoring.  But after looking at the options available through Melwood I broadened my idea to include occasional accommodation for family and friends.” 

We all know that spending time with friends and family is precious, however, it can be challenging when they come to stay and all be in the same house. Julie wanted a place where her friends and family can stay, and allow her guests to still have a sense of privacy and comfort. 

“I wanted to build something that would increase the value of my property while also allowing me a multi-functional space for both tutoring and accommodation,” Julie said. 

Inside Julie's backyard cabins

And this is precisely what she got for Christmas! Julie got her Melwood backyard cabin, and she realised how sturdy, comfortable, and quiet the cabin is. 

To make the cabin comfier, she chose an exterior cladding that matched the back of her home. She also built a kitchenette and bathroom so that the cabin is entirely self-contained. 










“It is a great investment, adds incredible value to my property, and fulfils the multiple purposes I had planned,” she said. 

Julie lives six  hours from Sydney, and found  a builder in her area to construct the cabana.

“Even without the expert installers, the building went up quickly… astoundingly quickly.  The instructions for assembly are comprehensive.”

Melwood strives to meet our client’s expectations at all times. We can customise our cabins according to our customer’s needs and preferences. As for the whole experience, Julie believes:

“The whole process was incredibly smooth, and the whole kit was packed and unpacked expertly. I would definitely recommend Melwood to family and friends –actually I already have!  Everyone who sees the cabana is immediately impressed.”

Julie’s Favourite Part about her Backyard Cabin:

“I often sit on the cabana’s porch and read.  It feels like a great space to chill.”

Was it all worth it? 

“I’m incredibly happy with my purchase. The company was efficient from order to delivery, and their  communications were effective and timely.” – Julie

Want Your Own Multi-Purpose Cabin?

Multi-purpose garden cabins are the best solution if you’re looking for a space to accommodate your guests or to conduct your tutorial classes. 

Adding a cabin to your backyard is a seamless and easy process, and our staff is ready to show you how to get started. First, download our brochure to see what your options are. Or you can schedule a call with our Design Consultant to discuss your project.

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