Lachlan’s Backyard Office and Relaxation Room


Lachlan’s motivation to add a garden room to his property was simple.

“I realised I enjoyed the working from home lifestyle, so I changed jobs to allow me to work from home.”

But, there was one problem.

“I found that our 3-bedroom home wasn’t quite big enough for me to do that full-time.”

So he found a cost-effective solution to make his newfound lifestyle dream a reality.

“We looked into moving into getting a bigger mortgage and a bigger house. It would have been a stretch for us to do a big upgrade.”

“The price of getting a Melwood cabin put in and fitted-out was a lot cheaper than paying stamp duty and moving out.”

Mod 12 with custom cedar cladding and Colorbond in Monument

Lachlan chose a Mod 12, giving him plenty of room to create a peaceful backyard office.

“It filled this gap for us where I could have an extra room to work from, and we didn’t have to do any major renovations.”

The outdoor office has increased Lachlan’s productivity. It’s also allowed him to strike the perfect balance between work and family life.

“I work in an IT job, requiring some concentration at times. I have a young baby, and I was working next to the nursery, making it hard to concentrate.”

“When I’m out here, I can focus and finish work earlier and spend more time with the family.”

After hours, it’s a place to retreat and unwind.

Lachlan’s backyard office doubles as a workout and relaxation room

“I ended up putting a TV and treadmill out here. It’s a pretty versatile room if people want to come and relax in here.”

“My dogs love sleeping in here as well.”

Lachlan designed his Melwood during the lockdown. He turned his vision into a reality from the comfort of his Canberra home.

The Mod 12 measures 3.6m x 3.2m

“It was all online. I never visited the showroom. The website was good because it let you do the 3D walk around.”

“We did an online consultation where I got to pick exactly where I wanted all the windows. So I was pretty happy with it.”

“Walter gave me some recommendations and suggestions, and I took them on board.”

And will this first-time dad do it all again?

“It all came exactly how I imagined it.”

“If I ever moved to another house, I would want to get something similar set up again!”

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