CEDARSHIELD is a premium-quality semi-transparent timber finish specially formulated to enhance and protect timber surfaces against the harsh Australian climate. This scientifically-proven formula utilises the most recent technology and superior-quality ingredients to achieve the maximum protection against damaging environmental elements for both dressed and rough-sawn timber. The careful formulation yields a premium product which is easy to apply and outlasts alternative products.

Guaranteed not to crack, peel or blister when applied according to label directions or CEDARSHIELD will supply sufficient coating to recoat affected areas.


CEDARSHIELD is suitable for application to Western Red cedar weatherboards, railings, verandah posts etc., and can also be used with stunning effect on most other timbers. CEDARSHIELD is not recommended for use on windows, doors, decking or outdoor furniture.


Stir thoroughly prior to application and regularly during application. For best results, apply three coats of CEDARSHIELD to ensure sufficient film thickness to adequately protect the timber surface. Initially, CEDARSHIELD has an opaque milky appearance which quickly clears; then when dry it has the warm appearance of natural timber. If necessary the first coat can be thinned with 5% water (50cc/litre) when painting in hot, dry conditions. Avoid painting in direct hot sunlight and when the temperature is below 10°C. Ensure an even coverage on all surfaces including side and end grain. Allow 2 hours between coats, depending upon conditions and before the likelihood of rain or condensation.


New timber must be sound, clean and free from dust, dirt, mould and grease, and reasonably dry. CEDARSHIELD can be used to overcoat acrylic-finishes and cover most oil finishes, provided they are well weathered. Wash down thoroughly with water and detergent using a stiff brush. If the existing coating is not sound or acceptable, it is necessary to remove it by suitable means to ensure a clean and sound substrate on which to build the CEDARSHIELD system.

Clean Up

Clean equipment with water immediately after use. Methylated spirits can be used if the CEDARSHIELD has dried and will not clean up with water. Keep the can sealed when not in use.


One litre will cover approximately 10-14 square metres on smooth timber and approximately 6-10 square metres on rough-sawn timber, depending on the texture of the surface being treated.


Occasional inspection will reveal if maintenance is required. Any area which may show discolouration, fading or timber-cracking should be sanded, washed clean and the necessary coats applied to restore the original appearance.

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