The Melwood beauty room – a significant return on investment

Adding more space to your backyard is easy with a Melwood and it increases the value of your property. Kerry-Anne purchased a Verandah/Porch 20 Hybrid design for her property a few years ago.

Used as a space to see her clients, Kerry-Anne fitted out her studio with a contemporary lux style, the perfect beauty room to meet with her clients.

Not only did Kerry-Anne’s Melwood add value to her business operations, but had a significant impact on her property value, making for a great return on investment in just four years.

Kerry-Anne and Stuart purchased their property in July 2017 for $1,103,000 and shortly after had their Melwood installed in their backyard in February 2018.

The Melwood being the main change made to the property since they purchased the property in 2017, Kerry-Anne and Stuart went on to sell their property in November 2021, for over $1million dollars more in just over four years.

Kerry-Anne purchased a hybrid design, starting off with a Porch Design No. 20 Measuring 6.3m x 3.2m (plus 1.3m x 3.2m porch/decking) & then adding a verandah along the length, picking up an additional 1.3m x 7.6m of covered decking. They chose Colorbond™️ roofing in “Surfmist”, ‘White’ aluminium windows and upgraded two sides (those facing the garden/house) to Cedar weatherboard.

Not leaving much to desire on the interior, Kerry-Anne and Stuart created a gorgeous contemporary lux feel with inviting textures, tasteful finishes, and a bathroom to die for!

Kerry-Anne’s clients were able to enjoy her great skin and beauty treatments in the relaxing atmosphere of this gorgeous private studio.

Whether it be the size, layout, window/door style or colours, the options are somewhat endless when it comes to creating your very own Melwood investment!


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A custom-made sustainable studio is the perfect starting point for creating more space for your family.

Adding a Melwood to your property is quicker & easier than most people realise. We’re ready to show you just how easy it is. 

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