Teenage Retreats | Space for Teens, Peace for Parents

 Every parent deserves a teenage retreat

A teenage retreat is a lifesaver for parents of school-age kids. Space for your teens = peace of mind for you.

As your children grow into teens it is a well known fact that their needs, requirements and tastes will change. Schooling demands a larger portion of their time, taste in music and television will differ from the rest of the family and as they mature they will begin to crave independence from the family unit.

By giving your teens their own space where they can hang out, play video games, study or relax, you’ll get them out of the house and out of your hair.

Teens will love the fact they have their own dedicated space, and you’ll love the peace and quiet inside the house!

Melwood Garden Rooms provide a cost effective quality solution that looks great and provides teenagers with a feeling of independence whilst still having them close by.

As a 100% Australian family owned company that has been servicing Sydney and Australia for over 40 years we at Greenspan understand the pressures faced by parents of teenagers.

We can tailor the design of your teenage retreat to suit your needs.

Melwood Garden Rooms are made to order, so you know that it will suit your property and lifestyle. They are also a proven way to increase your property value. If you ever sell your home in the future, your garden room will definitely increase sellability.

It’s a quick & easy process

MELWOOD cabanas and studios are a pre-fabricated, relocatable system manufactured in our Western Sydney factory using specially-trained local craftsmen and the highest-quality materials.

It takes 5-6 weeks for us to make your garden room in our factory, and installation is usually completed in one day.

Our specially-engineered flooring design means you often don’t need to excavate or level your backyard, and don’t require a concrete slab. This saves you time & money.

Fast Installation and FREE delivery in NSW and ACT

Installers or builders can have your cabana fully installed and functioning in most cases within one working day. The speed and ease of installation of our cabanas and studios relieves the pressure on customers with no need to plan their lives around a drawn out weeks of construction process over weeks.

Perhaps the greatest advantage of purchasing a Melwood cabana over a conventional Granny flat is due to our superior engineering and quality workmanship. We have confidence in our materials, people and finished product and have no hesitation in offering our customers with a 10 year structural warranty.

We can’t wait to create a great looking, quality teenage retreat for you. Here’s what’s next:

Click here to download our pricelist.

It’s the first step to creating a beautiful teenage retreat. We’ll email you a copy of our complete studio brochure with dimensions & prices, and be in touch within a few days to answer any questions for you.

If you’d like to see our garden rooms in person, visit one of our Display Centres. You can take a look at all the options & get your questions answered.

Melwood Teenage Retreat | Space for kids, Peace for parents.

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