Backyard Music Studios | Space to Create, Record or Teach

Your Backyard Music Studio- convenient, private and intimate.

Most musicians know that music takes two things: time & focus. When music is your passion, it can be frustrating to practise in a space that leaves you feeling less than inspired, or requires a commute that involves sitting in traffic when that time could be used for making music. 

The good news is, there’s a quick and easy way to create your dream music studio, right on your own property!

The solution to is a dedicated music studio, close to home, where you can focus without interruptions, and spend time creating, recording or teaching. 

A Melwood Garden Room gives you the ability to create a backyard recording studio space that rivals those of the pros.

Our garden rooms are affordable and come with a variety of floor plans and sizes to fit your needs. Your studio is made-to-order, meaning you can choose how many doors & windows there are, and where they go. 


Studios for Recording

If you’re recording in your music studio, you can add soundproofing, acoustic insulation or partition walls to create the perfect recording environment.  As we supply the structure to lock-up, you have full control of your internal fit out and you get to choose what level you finish off the interior for your music! We’ve helped hundreds of musicians just like you successfully create their own recording studio by supplying a structure which they can cater to their requirements. Guitarists, Drummers, Saxophonists, members of the Sydney Symphony Orchestra and more are all enjoying having a dedicated space to develop and record their music.


Studios for Creating & Enjoying Music

For creating music, and enjoying the space with family & friends, simply add a few comfy seats to make it a relaxing, inviting space.


Studios for Teaching 

If you teach music lessons, you’ll be able to meet students in your dedicated studio in the backyard. This means less distractions for yourself and your student, and an improved learning experience overall. If you have an ABN for your music business, your portable music studio could also reduce your tax bill! [intlink id=”8581″ type=”post”]Click here for more information[/intlink]


Safe, Secure & Stylish

Your Melwood Garden Room also gives you piece of mind regarding the safe storage of your expensive recording studio equipment. All of the materials used to build our cabanas and studios are Australian materials that can withstand the local climate and are built to the Building Code of Australia, unlike many other manufacturers who use imported materials.

If your property is prone to bushfire or intense humidity, our high-quality building materials ensure that your backyard recording studio will withstand the test of time. Your building also comes with a 10 year structural warranty.

Our cabanas and studios are constructed with pre-fabricated panels that simply screw together, so they’re ideal for delivering into backyards and can be personalised to suit your space and requirements.


Free delivery, fast Installation

The best part is, your recording studio storage space will be up and ready to rock in one day. Most Melwood Garden Rooms don’t require any council approval, which means less hassle and more money in your pocket.


How to get your own music studio

If you’re ready to take your music career or hobby to the next level with a dedicated music studio, we’re ready to help you through the process and make it as quick & easy as possible for you.

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If you’d like to see a studio in person, visit one of our [intlink id=”28″ type=”page”]Sydney Display Centres[/intlink], where you can take a look at all the options & get your questions answered.


Melwood Backyard Music Studio

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