Teenage Retreat and Private Space for Growing Kids

As teenagers mature into young adults, they desire greater independence and the discovery of their unique identity. This can be sad or worrying for many parents as their children become more distant.

While it may be difficult to take a step back, giving them their own space can help them mature. When your child understands that you are giving them a healthy amount of trust, respect, and privacy, it can strengthen your parent-child relationship.

This is why Ross, a parent of four teenagers, decided to install a cabin that would serve as a teenage retreat for her growing kids behind their holiday house in the Blue Mountains.

“Four teenage kids needed additional space at our mountain holiday house to accommodate extra guests and friends etc. Wanted a cost effective solution that would also simplify council approvals etc,” Ross said. 

Ross’s Melwood cabin to the  right of the cottage at the rear.

Ross needed more space for extended family and friends to stay. The kids also needed a space to entertain their friends, with some privacy and comfort when they visit their holiday house. 

The Cabin provides extra storage space for bedding for the Air BnB

Living with teenagers can be difficult, especially if the space is small, has limited storage, or has an ad hoc layout. Investing in a teen retreat not only increases the value of your home or your holiday home, it also improves living space and fosters harmony in your home and family. Ross and the love their cabin because of how it changed their lives. 

“The cabin is well built and ties in beautifully with existing house. Beautiful outlook over the valley from the cabin verandah. Cabin works as a great teen retreat.”

A teen retreat provides your children with the privacy and freedom to pursue their interests and socialise with their peers. You have the option of giving them their own space. If you’re considering purchasing a Melwood Cabana, here is Ross’ advice: 

“It is a great option. It is a cost-effective solution that delivers more space and also looks great.” 

Birds eye view of the cabin at the rear. 

Ross absolutely recommends Melwood to friends and family and wouldn’t change a thing about the experience. 

“The whole process with Melwood was smooth, and we now have a lovely cabin that will last for years in a beautiful part of the world.”

So take this opportunity to turn a parenting challenge into a fun project with your kids!

How to Get Your Own Teenage Retreat

The first step to creating a beautiful teenage retreat is to download our catalogue. We’ll send you an email with a copy of our complete studio brochure, including dimensions and prices, and we’ll get back to you within a few days to answer any questions you have.

You’ll get your teens out of the house and out of your hair if you give them their own space where they can hang out, play video games, study, or relax! 



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