Detached Studios vs Granny Flats

Detached studios

A better solution for more space

Why is a detached studio a better solution to add more habitable space to your property over a granny flat?

So often our minds jump to a ‘granny flat’ as the only solution when we need more space. So many of our customers are running out space and just need that extra bedroom for overflow guest accommodation with the potential of rental return in the future

There are many benefits of a granny flat, however more and more frequently we are seeing that detached studios actually have more benefits and are more versatile when it comes to adding more space.

  1. Granny Flats are considered secondary dwellings and as such attract Section 94/Section 7.11 council contribution fees because they are considered another household impacting on local infrastructure – in some instances this fee can exceed $20k!
  2. The whole granny flat approval & building process takes longer
  3. Generally, a Granny Flat will cost you more than double the cost of a detached studio
  4. In NSW Granny flats are generally 60m2 which often takes up a lot of your garden
  5. Granny Flats are considered a separate self-contained dwelling house so must have kitchen, bathroom and laundry facilities even if not desired

What are the benefits of a detached studio?

  1. Allows up to 35m2 of extra space to be added to your property in the form of a separate building without taking up your whole garden
  2. You can still have a bathroom within this space
  3. You can start enjoying your new space sooner with a faster building process
  4. It will often cost you half the price of a granny flat but still provide the extra Habitable living space you need.
  5. Avoids Section 94/Section 7.11 council contribution fees that apply to granny flats/secondary dwellings as it is considered an ancillary development relating to an existing house
  6. Less fees = higher rental return & more attractive to future property buyers

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