Personalisation options for your garden room: A visual guide 

When selecting the personalisation options for your new garden room, it can be difficult to know which to choose and how they’ll look in reality. 

We’re here to ease the decision-making process. 

We’ve created a visual guide featuring our most popular cladding, window, door and roofing options. So read on and let us help you bring your dream garden room to life! 


Board and batten cladding

Board and batten cladding is a traditional timber cladding choice that has been gracing buildings around the world for centuries. Made from smooth, multi-layered hardwood ply panels (boards) accented by vertical timber strips (battens), this timeless option offers lasting durability and a classic visual appeal.  

Here’s what makes it a great pick for your garden room: 

  • Steeped in heritage: Board and batten brings a touch of history and character to your finished look. 
  • Material excellence: Constructed from high-quality, exterior-grade hardwood ply with a marine glue laminate and treated timber battens, it delivers exceptional strength and weather resistance. 
  • Versatility defined: Paint it in your choice of colour to perfectly complement your garden, home and personal style. 

Board and batten is the standard cladding inclusion on all of our buildings, with the exception of the eSpace Design. 

Cedar cladding

Sourced from sustainably managed plantations, our cedar cladding features horizontal boards of premium Western Red Cedar. This beautiful material isn’t just aesthetically pleasing; it boasts exceptional sound and thermal insulation properties keeping your garden room cosy and quiet year-round.  

For those seeking a truly distinguished aesthetic, our premium eSpace garden room features hand-applied vertical cedar cladding. This meticulous application process creates a striking visual statement, elevating the overall design of your garden room. 

Here’s why cedar cladding is a perfect fit for your garden room: 

  • Tranquil escape: Cedar’s natural insulation creates a peaceful haven, keeping your garden room quiet and comfortable through the seasons. 
  • Sustainable beauty: Enjoy the rich tones of cedar, knowing it comes from responsibly managed forests. 
  • Design flexibility: Embrace the natural wood look with a rough-sawn finish or opt for a more modern, smoother aesthetic. Then customise it with paint or stain to match your vision. 

If you want to read more about the many benefits of this exceptional timber, you can do so here: 8 reasons to choose Western Red Cedar in your build

Horizontal cedar cladding is an upgrade option on all of our buildings with the exception of the eSpace Design. 

Pre-Primed Weatherboard Cladding

This smooth, sleek weatherboard is a great alternative to cedar cladding and features a range of benefits. Pre-primed and ready to paint straight away, this eco-friendly option offers a quick and easy way to achieve a flawless finish. 

Here are some of the reasons that make pre-primed weatherboard a great cladding option: 

  • Ready for your touch: Pre-primed and ready to prep and paint, this smooth cladding lets you immediately personalise your garden room with a flawless finish. 
  • Sustainable style: A 100% renewable resource, pre-primed weatherboard is made from the trimmings of hardwood plantation timber. Furthermore, it boasts a negative carbon footprint, reducing the impact on our environment and contributing to a clean and better future. 
  • Built to last: Australian-made from high-quality Australian hardwood, this weatherboard cladding is designed to withstand everything our harsh Aussie conditions throw at it and remain cosy all year long. 
  • Timeless appeal: Achieve a unique yet traditional aesthetic, perfect for creating a chic coastal or Hamptons-inspired look. 

This cladding upgrade option is suitable for use in properties with a rating of up to BAL19. If your property has a higher BAL (Bushfire Attack Level) rating than this, our team will help guide you with necessary upgrades. 

Vertical eco-hardwood and cedar cladding

These two premium cladding options elevate your garden room with a touch of artisan craftsmanship. Cedar offers the warmth and beauty of natural wood, ideal for those who prefer a stained finish to highlight this beautiful timber’s rich tones. For those who prefer a painted finish and the flexibility of colour, eco-hardwood provides a flawless canvas. 

Either way, the result is a stunningly sleek and modern aesthetic that will turn heads. 

What makes these cladding options so special? 

  • Natural beauty: Embrace the rich wood tones of cedar cladding with a stain that highlights every detail.  
  • Flawless finish: Pre-primed and ready to paint, eco-hardwood cladding is a versatile, economical and sustainable option and, just like pre-primed weatherboard, is ready to paint with a flawless finish.  
  • Unmatched style: Turn heads with a garden room that stands out from the crowd. 

Vertical eco-hardwood is the standard cladding inclusion for our premium eSpace garden room Design, with vertical cedar cladding available as an upgrade. Both are available as a cladding upgrade for our other building designs. 

Cedar cladding

Vertical eco-hardwood cladding

Doors and sidelights

Doors and sidelights play a crucial role in both the aesthetics and functionality of your garden room. Available in a range of styles, materials and colours, options include swinging or sliding, aluminium or timber.  

Here’s a breakdown of our most popular options to help you find the perfect fit:

Glass doors 

Our modern full glass doors are a popular choice for a reason. They invite the outdoors in, bathing your garden room with natural light and creating a spacious and airy feel. Yet privacy and shade can still be maintained when needed by the simple addition of a stylish blind.  

10 Lite Doors  

Named for their 10 panes of glass, these classic doors are a beautiful way to flood your garden room in natural light. Their timeless design adds a touch of Hamptons or colonial elegance, perfectly complementing a variety of aesthetics.  

Solid timber doors 

Solid timber doors are a perfect choice if you desire a cosy and private space in your garden room. They effectively block out light and create a serene atmosphere ideal for activities requiring focus or relaxation. 

They’re a great style choice for those who want to capture rustic all-timber charm or enhance a traditional and timeless aesthetic. 

For the best of both worlds, a twin light door combines privacy and classic style with filtered light.

Barn doors 

Our beautiful, handcrafted barn doors aren’t just a striking design element. They offer the same privacy and light control benefits as solid timber doors, with a distinctive look that turns heads. Although naturally popular for our acreage buildings, barn doors take on a whole new level of elegance when featured in our Melwood range of garden rooms, creating a design that is a true conversation starter! 

Other considerations for your garden room doors 

The type of door you choose significantly impacts both the functionality and aesthetics of your garden room. And the options don’t end in the style! Double or single? Timber or aluminium?  

Here are some key factors to consider: 

Double vs. single doors:  

When choosing the doors for your garden room, it’s important to think about what you’re going to be storing or using inside the space. Large furniture items or equipment will be much easier to get into your garden room with double doors. However, if maximising storage or usable interior space is crucial, single doors might be a better option.  

If providing a visual and physical connection with the world outside is a priority, double glass doors will maximise light coming in, whether they are shut or thrown open. A combination of double doors and sidelights (fixed glass panels to the side) will make your garden room feel as big, light, spacious and accessible as possible. 

Aluminium or timber? 

Aluminium doors offer a sleek and contemporary low maintenance ready to go option in a choice of colours. 

Timber doors provide a classic and timeless look, perfect for a variety of styles, and almost unlimited freedom in their finished look. However, they require painting or staining, exterior protection and ongoing maintenance. 

Both aluminum and timber doors have their merits. If you prioritise aesthetics, versatility, and a classic look, timber might be the way to go. However, if you value low maintenance, aluminum doors are an excellent choice. 


Choosing the right windows plays a crucial role in creating a light-filled and comfortable space in your garden room. Here’s an overview of our most popular black or white aluminium window options:

 Sliding Windows: 

  • 300 x 1200mm (ventilation windows): These slim windows are perfect for high placement on the back wall opposite the doors. They promote airflow and cross-ventilation within your garden room, keeping the space fresh and comfortable. Additionally, the high placement offers privacy and avoids drawing attention to any less desirable outside views. 
  • 1200 x 865mm: This popular size is perfect for positioning above a work desk or workbench, allowing natural light to brighten your workspace. 

Panorama sliding windows:

  • 2025 x 1200mm: This window is a perfect choice if you have a scenic view to showcase. It offers a wide opening for unobstructed views and natural light. The top section slides open for ventilation, while the fixed bottom section prioritises safety for children.
300 x 1200
1200 x 865
2025 x 1200

Double hung windows:

  • 2025 x 600mm: The tall and thin design of the double hung window maximises light intake and any views without sacrificing wall space. It opens from top down or bottom up, allowing for plenty of fresh air circulation.
MOD Double Hung
2025 x 600
Handcrafted Cedar
1200 x 865
Double Hung
1200 x 865

Other windows:

We’ve showcased some of our most popular window options above but there are plenty of others to choose from. The perfect window for your project is out there – chat with us about what you have in mind if it’s different to the above!

Roofing, Gutters & Downpipes 

Your garden room’s roof, gutters, and downpipes are essential for protecting it from the elements. We use Colorbond® steel roofing, known for its strength, weather resistance, and longevity. It comes in a variety of attractive colours to complement your garden room’s design; our most popular and therefore standard being Woodland Grey, Surfmist, Monument and Nightsky, with other colours available for custom order. 


A light and reflective colour, ideal for hot climates as it helps regulate temperature. This breezy shade is popular for pool cabanas. 

Woodland Grey  

A versatile choice that blends well with most settings and minimizes the appearance of dirt. 

Monument and Nightsky 

Bold and contemporary, these dark colors create a striking visual statement. However, keep in mind their heat absorption properties and, if in NSW, any BASIX requirements.  

Create your dream garden room 

With a variety of cladding, doors, windows, and roof colours to choose from, you can personalise your garden room to perfectly suit your functional needs and design style. Whatever you envisage, we have the options to bring it to life. And we’re here to help you every step of the way. 

Note: Depicted customer paint colour choices for timber doors and cladding may affect warranty coverage. Always refer to the warranty and care guide requirements prior to painting.

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