A Vibrant Beach Cottage, a Place for Happy Family Memories

It was 2017 when Philip and Helene added a Cedarspan™ to their Kioloa property.

And four years on, the sentiment is simple.

“The value add is enormous. We are still glad with the investment we made.”


The couple chose a Cedarspan™ 30H60 Loft Cottage in board and batten.

The Cedarspan™ 30C60 Loft Cottage in board and batten with Colorbond roof in Monument. Painting by Philip 

“My wife looked around at various possibilities for kit houses. We liked the flexibility. We could make our own, and we did,” Philip explained.

“The other thing we looked at was the years Cedarspan™ has already been in the business. So those two factors were most important.”


Cedarspan™ has been building prefab barns, cabins and cottages around Australia since 1976.

With that long-running company history comes a commitment to personalised customer service.

“In terms of working with Cedarspan™, the product itself, and the end result I would say absolutely go for it.”


Northwood Cottage, Kioloa is a popular Airbnb stay

“The advantage is that we designed it ourselves, and we built it the way we wanted it.”


Philip and Helene’s vision for their property was a beach cottage.

The Cedarspan™ high-pitched roof and loft give the room a spacious ambience. 

“Because the ceilings are so high, the open plan area feels large.”


Philip & Helene customised their design with a skylight and balustrades to the loft area

The couple added two verandahs and decks, making room for more lifestyle space.

And to give the cottage a distinctive look, they chose cedar French doors and cedar windows.


The cedar window and cedar French door upgrade creates a striking contrast

Known as Northwood Cottage Kioloa, Philip says it’s a place for happy memories.

“It’s always the Christmas holidays that are the favourite moments when the whole family is there.”


While the couple has created the perfect holiday cottage, their only wish is to spend more time there.

“The fact that we’re six hours away from Kioloa, you can’t do it over a weekend. If it were closer, we would definitely go more often.”


When the family isn’t occupying it, Northwood Cottage is a popular Airbnb stay.

“It gives us the flexibility to book it when we need it.”


Philip & Helene added two verandahs and decks, and an elevated floor


The quality of the prefab cottage also gives Philip peace of mind.

“During the six months when we rented it out long term. There was a massive storm in that area.”

“Nothing broke. Nothing fell off. It withstood the storm. The structure is solid, and we can rely on it.”


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