Study Room: Create a Library State of Mind with a Melwood

Study Rooms

Want to have a study room available for individual study, group study, or as a reading room?

There’s no need for a library card or the need to book a study room online when you have a study room in your backyard!

Time to Get Productive!

Create your own focus room at home – the number 1 place to get work done!

A backyard study room is perfect for school students, young professionals, and university students.

Your study room, your rules. No need to make a booking online, food and drinks are always allowed

The pros of having your own study room

The flexibility to use the study room when needed and with no limit on hours.

Public holidays and holiday periods don’t apply.

There are no special conditions of entry

Who says your study room needs to be limited to 2 people per room?

No need to worry about leaving the study room promptly or neat and tidy when your study session has finished.

Your house, your rules! Food, drink, and even bottled water are always allowed.

Your backyard study room is open 24/7

Your backyard study room options are endless! Add a table, chairs and even a whiteboard

Study Room Setup

Round table and 4 chairs

Height-adjustable table, chairs, and a whiteboard

Need help with your research or finding the right resource? Set up a computer and wi-fi for the complete study room experience.

Get a Boost!

To boost your productivity motivate yourself with rewards

Book live study sessions with your friends

Enjoy music breaks and guided mindfulness sessions

Ready to get more space with your own Backyard Study Room? 

If you’re ready to get more space at home with a secure & stylish study room in the backyard, the next step is to download our brochure. 

We will be in contact in the next few days to answer your questions and help you take the next steps to bring your study room to life!

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