A Cosy Cabin, a Family’s Great Escape

Here at Hanging Rock, a few hours from Sydney, a family created lasting memories.

It’s where Craig and Christina decided they would build a home, a holiday retreat.

“I decided on a Cedarspan™ for the simplicity of the build. Also, the fact it came on the back of a truck I found to be quite appealing,” Craig explained.


For six years, the family of five enjoyed their much-loved escape from the city.

“It was a lifestyle choice to build it, and in the time we had it, we certainly used it to the utmost.”


Cedarspan™ 30H50 Loft Cabin with cedar upgrade, and Colorbond roof in Woodland Grey. Hanging Rock, NSW

In 2015, the family was forced to put the country cabin on the market.

“My job was looking a little shaky. But, as it turned out, it was a worst-case scenario.”

“We sold it without any problems, and the people who bought it are in love with it.”


It was a conversation with the neighbour which inspired the build.

“We were talking to him over the fence. He said, ‘I bought it from Cedarspan™’. I thought rightio, so we did a bit of research, and the rest is history.”


Craig added corrugated iron around the base, preventing animals from getting under the home

Fast forward six years, and Craig still holds satisfaction in building the Cedarspan™.

“It took us about six weeks from woe to go. That’s not a bad effort.”

“In the end, we stood back and quite admired it, quite proud of the job we did.”


Craig and Christina completed the fit-out, adding their own finishing touches

The couple chose the 30H50 Loft Cabin with Western Red Cedar cladding which they stained with Cedarshield™. 

The prefab Cedarspan™ provided ease of construction, making it a DIY project.

“I’m not a builder. My mate was a builder. He was a carpenter by trade, and between the both of us, we had no problem erecting it and installing it. It was a good quality build.”


Craig also recalls the process of designing his cabin with the Cedarspan™ team.

“I do remember there was a good degree of professionalism about it.”

“It was a simple procedure. Nothing seemed to be out of bounds. You were only limited to your imagination.”


The 30H50 with cedar upgrade, additional verandah and deck, and elevated floor

Craig and Christina turned their holiday home into a cosy, relaxing retreat. They incorporated natural hardwood with muted colours.

“We painted the inside panelling white. It was pine we put around that.”


Staining the Cedarspan™ floor brings out the natural pattern of the wood

Craig and his wife recently returned to Hanging Rock, receiving the ultimate compliment.

“We went back there last year and knocked on the door of the people who bought it, and it was exactly how it was when we sold it.”

“It was like walking back in time.”


How’s the serenity? A spacious Cedarspan™ verandah to relax and enjoy the view

It’s an investment the couple are happy to have made.

“The product we got was reflective of the price. It was affordable.”

“I have no hesitation in buying another one and doing it again, and you can do it at your leisure.”


When it comes to leisure, the highlight for Craig was soaking up the serenity.

“We had magnificent sunsets there because we faced to the West. You can sit on that verandah and watch the sun go down and drink a bottle of wine.”

“That is the one thing I really do miss.”

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