The Wadsworth Weekender: a warm place for making memories

One kilometre from the main road through a winding unsealed road was David’s beloved cabin. The Wadsworth Weekender located 1.5 hours west of greater Sydney on the other side of Blue Mountains was a quaint cabin filled with memories of loved ones.

“It was a weekender and we spent a lot of time up there. At one stage, it was lived in for a couple of years.”

With full panoramic 360° views of the mountain ranges overlooking the Jenolan State Forest, David’s Cedarspan on 100 acres of rolling countryside would be a family and friends weekender for as many as 22 years.

Featuring two bedrooms, a bathroom, laundry and open plan living/dining adjoining a kitchen, the Wadsworth cabin was a Series 3 Verandah cabin, which is now known as the Cedarspan 30C50.

The holiday cabin measured 10.8×9.4m in size with a wrap-around verandah, wood fireplace and loft area, offering a total of 145m² of internal space. Set amongst nature in a completely private setting, its high vaulted exposed timber ceilings were in keeping with its cedar charm.

When asked why David chose a Cedarspan, his answer was quite simple.

“It was within our price range and was neat and tidy – we thought it was good value. Plus, it fitted the block where we wanted it and gave a good aspect.”

On-market for only six weeks and recently sold, David’s weekender held many moments of special memories and wasn’t easy to let go of.

“After 22 years, you know, it was time unfortunately. Family and friends were over all the time. Even my son and daughter, as well as their friends. It was just a fun thing to do.”

When it came to the construction, having the cabin available in kit form meant transportation to site would be easy. This was appealing to David who, alongside his family, assembled the cabin over several days.

“That was when I was a bit younger and could do all those manual things. Once the foundation and flooring were there, we bolted the walls and it took a few more days to install the roof trusses. We had to get a couple of people to help us.”

Being at the top of a hill with high winds also had its challenges during installation.

“It all depended on the weather. One day it was fun, the next day it was very windy!”

Purchased from Doug, the owner of Greenspan, back in 2000, David reminisces on his experience and is very happy.

“Doug’s a great guy. And the cabin is a good design, very solid. We couldn’t have complained. We made a lot of use of it.”

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