Embrace outdoor living through winter with a garden room

Hibernate no more

We Aussies love the great outdoors.

But as the heat of summer becomes a distant memory and the crisp winter air takes hold, many people resign themselves to packing away their garden furniture and retreating inside.

What if you could defy the seasonal norms and continue to enjoy the beauty and serenity of your own backyard year-round?

With a prefabricated timber garden room, you can transform your garden from a summer haven to a cosy winter sanctuary, allowing you to create lasting memories throughout the changing seasons. 

5 ways to embrace outdoor living through winter with a Melwood

1. Fireside festivities  

Many families enjoy crisp winter evenings spent gathered around a crackling firepit sharing stories and laughter.

A garden room elevates this magical experience into an all-weather entertaining space perfect for social gatherings, even in the coldest months. Add a wall mounted TV and watch sport while you huddle round the fire, install a sound system to create the right ambience and atmosphere, a bar fridge or kitchenette ensure winter drinks and snacks are on hand. Your garden room becomes the ideal spot for winter parties, holiday celebrations, or intimate gatherings. It’s a unique and memorable setting for fireside festivities that combines the cosiness of indoors with the beauty of your winter garden.

We think the classically good-looking Workshed makes a perfect fireside accompaniment!

2. A sunny nook for reading and reflection 

Winter days often boast clear, bright skies. So, create a cosy nook in your garden room where you can bathe in the warmth of the winter sun.

Curl up with a good book, a steaming mug of tea, and the gentle chirping of birds for a peaceful escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Strategically position the windows to allow the low winter rays to stream in and create a toasty sunny spot for relaxation or meditation. Or throw open the doors and enjoy the crisp beauty of the season. A comfortable chair, plush cushions and some soft throws create the ultimate relaxation retreat where you can while away winter in comfort and warmth.

A Mod, with its highlight windows and double doors opening onto a deck, is our pick for the ideal sunny day relaxation retreat.

3. Connect with the cosmos

Winter nights are renowned for their clear, dark skies, making your garden room the perfect spot for stargazing.

Imagine taking in the breathtaking expanse of the night sky, identifying constellations, or catching a glimpse of a passing satellite or shooting star. With minimal light pollution and the comfort of your warm garden room, you can explore the wonders of the starry nights. Set up comfortable reclining chairs or beanbags for the optimal viewing position. Add a small telescope or high-powered binoculars for a closer look at distant stars and planets. For tech-savvy stargazers, a tablet with a star mapping app close to hand will help identify these celestial bodies. It’s an ideal set up for romantic evenings, family bonding, or personal contemplation allowing you to connect with the cosmos from warmth and comfort.

A Verandah, with its seamless connection between indoors and out, could be the perfect design. 

4. A family winter wonderland

Fully embrace the winter season in all its glory!

Your garden room can be a base for fun family activities or to get the kids out of the house. With a sofa or two, some beanbags, a sturdy table, and some storage, your garden room becomes a hive of playful fun. A Sunday afternoon of playing board games or getting creative with some arts and crafts are popular pastimes that are even more enjoyable in a cosy garden retreat. Cuddle up with hot chocolates in front of a little log stove and enjoy some family bonding with a reading session. On a wet and windy day, give the kids (or yourself) a change of scene and enjoy the soothing sound of raindrops on the Colorbond® roof. Host a family puzzle, movie or trivia night and transform your garden room into a versatile winter activity centre.

A Porch is our idea of a cosy setting for winter fun, creativity, and family togetherness.

5. Hot tub heaven

Create a luxurious spa retreat by pairing a garden room with your hot tub. Imagine stepping into the steaming waters of your spa on a crisp winter’s evening without the dreaded dash across the garden in your swimwear! A spa-side indoor space is a game-changer for the transition between cold winter air and warm waters.  

The perfect pre and post soak space, a neighbouring garden room is a cosy changing area. Keep your towels fluffy, toasty and within easy reach by hanging them on hooks inside. Install a bathroom for a quick rinse off before entering your tub and to enjoy a warm shower when you get out. A bar fridge to store drinks or snacks makes your spa sessions even more indulgent. This whole setup not only enhances your hot tub experience but also extends its use throughout the year. No more limiting your soaks to perfect days – you can enjoy your hot tub in comfort, regardless of the season or weather.

We’re picking the premium eSpace as the perfect design for creating a luxurious year-round spa-like retreat. 

Bring the outside in

Incorporate warm, inviting colours like deep red, burnt orange and forest green in your furnishings and decor for a comforting atmosphere in your winter retreat.

Thoughtful touches like pine cones, bare tree branches, or colourful autumn leaves bring the outside in for a true sense of nature, while you remain warm and cosy.

Fire your senses further with scented candles in classic winter aromas.

Alternatively, extend your gardening season by incorporating a mini greenhouse section within your garden room or take advantage of a sunny spot. This allows you to cultivate herbs, vegetables, or winter-blooming flowers, bringing a touch of green to the coldest, barest months. 

Prefab for outdoor living through winter…and beyond

Don’t let the changing seasons dictate your enjoyment of your backyard. A prefabricated timber garden room is the perfect solution for embracing outdoor living through winter. Our high-quality, insulated, and appealing designs allow you to embrace the beauty of winter and create lasting memories. Whether you crave a quiet space for reading, an outdoor entertaining hub, a family activity room or simply a warm retreat to enjoy your garden, a timber garden room offers endless possibilities. 

Winter may be upon us already, but it’s not too late. Our quick PreCrafting process and easy modular panel system mean your winter retreat can be made, delivered and installed in just a few weeks!

And when winter fades and spring bursts forth? 
Well, that’s when your versatile Melwood garden room really comes into its own! 

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