Trying to work from home with kids?

Adam and Jacqueline faced the challenge of working from home whilst sharing the same space with their teenage boys who wanted to watch TV and play games.

A familiar experience that many parents shared over the course of the COVID lockdowns,
but one that was overcome with a Melwood.

“We wanted a backyard room and we liked the look of the eSpace.
Greenspan also seemed to make the process really easy.”

The drawcard

Adam was drawn to Melwood after being recommended by a friend. He needed a separate space for the boys to enjoy their afternoons without having to keep the noise down or worry about disturbing their parents’ work schedules.

“We both work from home and so often the kids were coming home from school and wanting to watch TV or play games in the house and it would be disruptive to our work day,“ Adam explains.

Home improvements

Adding a Melwood to Adam and Jacqueline’s backyard has enhanced their family lifestyle. The kids now have their own space to relax, whilst still in the safety of their own backyard, and Adam and Jacqueline can enjoy working from home in the now peaceful atmosphere!

“Now they hang out in the back room and do that and we can’t even hear them. It’s great, it has made our afternoons much more serene and peaceful.“

Getting there

Adam found his journey with Melwood to be a really easy and quick way to add the space he needed to his backyard.

“It was great that we could drive 10 mins down the road and have a look at an example of one and speak to a real person,” he recalls.

“The process was great. Working with Franky was really good. He came out to our house, had a look at the backyard and was able to talk through some possibilities. He showed us a model right there on the iPad which was great too.“

Adam chose the eSpace 1900, measuring 5.4m x 3.8m with premium vertical Cedar on the front two facades, and our sustainable eco-hardwood on the rear facades.

Adam also personalised his Melwood with “Black” aluminium windows/doors and Colorbond® roofing in “Nightsky”.

All measurements are approximate. 

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