Magnolia Cottage: A garden retreat

In the Southern Highlands of NSW, the pace is relaxed and the rhythm of life unhurried.

Imagine, then, a garden retreat that encourages you to pause, reflect and unwind further; a sanctuary that fosters a deep connection with nature and allows for moments of quiet contemplation.

Welcome to Magnolia Cottage.

“Having a Melwood has positively impacted our lifestyle significantly. It’s created a sanctuary for us that is truly remarkable.” 

The Greenspan touch

When Jacqui and Louis decided to create a garden retreat on their beautiful rural property, aesthetics that matched the charm of their existing home were crucial.

Backed by a recommendation for high quality and multiple design options, Greenspan was their go-to from the start. The PreCrafted modular nature of Greenspan’s buildings were a significant additional draw; allowing for a quick and efficient installation process with minimal impact on Louis and Jacqui’s immaculate gardens.

Above all, the designs could be personalised and modified to ensure those all-important perfected aesthetics and style. “The flexibility to tailor a space that fit both our aesthetic preferences and functional needs was a key deciding factor,” Jacqui confirms. 

And that design process was “smooth and fun,” Jacqui tells us. 

A feast for the eyes

With very specific needs for a look and style to match their beautiful country home and gardens, the Melwood range provided a starting point for designing their perfect garden retreat.

The couple decided upon a Verandah 20, offering the classic country charm that mirrored their existing property. And to ensure a seamlessly cohesive look, Jacqui and Louis maximised the personalisation options and the expertise on hand from the Greenspan team. 

Jacqui recalls the experience. “The range of design options available made it easy to customise the space to our exact specifications,” she says, “The team were helpful, offering expert advice while respecting our vision”.  

The couple upgraded to pre-primed weatherboard cladding which they later painted black. It’s a striking contrast with the white of the timber colonial doors and the attractive cross-braced verandah railings that now grace the front of the building. Choosing the custom colour of “Evening Haze” for the Colorbond® roofing softens the monochrome tones and ensures country charm is maintained. 

Sweet scents and serenity

Now complete, this garden retreat is everything Jacqui and Louis ever wished for and more.

A shady, camellia and lavender scented trail through the gardens leads to this peaceful sanctuary set firmly amongst nature. Positioned underneath towering pine trees, adjacent to a magnificent magnolia, and overlooking lush lawns and a shimmering pond, Magnolia Cottage is an oasis for all the senses. 

It’s no wonder that Jacqui tells us, “Having a Melwood has positively impacted our lifestyle significantly. It’s created a sanctuary for us that is truly remarkable.”

Primarily, Jacqui uses this tranquil location as a distraction-free office space for focused work sessions and to nurture her creative side. “Additionally, it serves as a serene retreat for my creative pursuits, like writing and provides a peaceful environment to foster inspiration,” she tells us.  

Country cabin comfort

But Magnolia Cottage really comes into its own as a private garden getaway.

Spacious yet cosy, inside it features lovingly curated traditional touches blended with luxury country cabin charm. Clearly defined spaces have been achieved, each area punctuated by doors that can be thrown open onto the verandah. A modern country style bathroom, a huge comfy bed and a spacious area to sit and relax seamlessly connect with the nature at this garden retreat’s doorstep.

It’s here that Jacqui, Louis and their friends and family can enjoy relaxing sun-filled days, just steps from the house but a million miles away. “It’s a serene space where we can ‘get away’ for the weekend, where guests can truly unwind and relax,” Jacqui explains. 

Feeding the senses

Days can be spent lazing in a hammock by the pond, enjoying the gentle hum of nature and the light scent of lavender on the crisp, clean air.

Evenings are enjoyed dining alfresco on the verandah, looking up at the stars, which appear to shine brighter here.

On cooler nights, the fire pit provides warmth and comfort; ‘natures TV’ of flickering flames and crackling logs. 

Magnolia Cottage really is a garden retreat for all the senses. And it was made possible with Greenspan. 

Jacqui and Louis’s Melwood is a Verandah 20 measuring 6.3m x 3.2m with a verandah measuring an additional 6.3m x 1.3m. 

The couple personalised their Melwood with a pre-primed weatherboard cladding upgrade. They upgraded to and selected additional double colonial timber doors. Roofing is a custom Colorbond® colour of “Evening Haze”. 

All measurements are approximate. 

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