A music and media room for family harmony 

Three years ago, faced with a growing family, Chanop realised he quickly needed to add some extra space to his inner west Sydney home.  

A home office by day, a music and media room by night, his eSpace has brought harmony to the family in unanticipated ways! 

“The garden shed has been an excellent addition for our whole family.” 

Budget blues to backyard bliss  

As Chanop’s family grew to include a third child, they considered either adding a granny flat, or rebuilding, extending or converting their existing space.

But the cost, hassle and timeframes involved in these processes were too great. “We ended up feeling that a garden shed was the most suitable for our budget and existing space,” says Chanop.   

And so, he added a Melwood eSpace to his Sydney backyard.

A solution that was more cost-effective, quick and easy, with minimal fuss and disruption. And a move that has created a harmonious life for Chanop’s entire family in many ways.

Hitting the right notes for work, music and media  

During the day, the garden room provides Chanop with a quiet home office space to focus on work. But it’s in the evenings and weekends that the real magic happens.

This versatile room transforms into a music and media oasis for the whole family to enjoy quality time together.

“It has been my daytime office, music practice room, and TV/family room,” Chanop explains.

In the three years since installing the eSpace, Chanop and his two older children have learned cello from scratch using the Suzuki method, inspired by having a dedicated studio in which to do so. And the youngest is already following in the family footsteps, practicing on a foam instrument and soon to move onto a real one!  

Between music practice, the studio converts into a media room where the whole family can hang out together and watch movies.

The Melwood garden room nurtures both productivity and precious bonding. Truly a space that hits the perfect note for work-life balance!

A family in harmony 

After hours, the eSpace converts into a versatile family room catering to music and media; a dedicated place to play instruments and movies.

With premium vertical cedar cladding to the front and right external façade and sustainable eco-hardwood cladding to the other walls, the garden room already boasts natural soundproofing qualities. However, soundproofing panels applied to the internal walls and ceiling ensure music can be made at any hour without disturbing the neighbours or household. 

A real challenge for many musical families is having instruments and equipment constantly underfoot and in the way. The addition of this multipurpose music and media room provides a safe, secure, weatherproof space to neatly store the family’s variety of bulky musical gear. 

Pitch perfect

What started as a practical solution for adding extra room and a home office has become an invaluable multipurpose retreat that has unexpectedly nurtured a new passion for this now musically inclined family.

Having a dedicated music room shelters their hobby from both weather and noise complaints, while providing enough space for instruction, practice and performance.

Plus, with just one living area inside the home, having a separate place to snuggle down together and enjoy movies provides further precious family bonding time.

And Chanup sums it up. “The garden shed has been an excellent addition for our whole family.”

Chanop’s Melwood is an eSpace1900 measuring 5.4m x 3.8m.

It features eco-hardwood cladding to two sides and a vertical cedar cladding upgrade to the other two. Chanop further personalised his design with additional aluminium windows in “Black” and Colorbond® roofing in “Night Sky”. 

All measurements are approximate. 

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