Redefining the Aussie farm building

A robust farm building that caters to endless needs is the backbone that supports life on the land.

Sam’s rustic cedar barn is the hard-working centrepiece to his 113-acre property, nestled amid the rolling hills and rugged beauty of the NSW Southern Highlands.

The humble shed is the heart of every rural Australian property. 

Built for life on the land

For rural property owners across Australia, the perfect farm building, shed or barn is about more than just basic storage. It’s about creating a durable, multi-use space that seamlessly integrates into your land while catering to all your unique needs. From housing machinery, storing supplies, stock holding, garage or workshop needs, it is a space that must withstand the rigours of daily life on the land as well as a sometimes-punishing environment.

Too often, the typical steel shed can feel like an impersonal, utilitarian box, and out of place amongst a beautiful rural landscape. We believe that every property deserves more. And so, our range of beautiful timber Cedarspan barns are redefining what a rural outbuilding can be.

Farm building revolution

Back in 2016, Sam sought a sturdy barn or shed that would securely house valuable farm equipment and vehicles. But with a beautiful home and surroundings to blend with, an attractive finish and reasonable price were also on the wish list.

When he found Greenspan and the range of Cedarspan timber barns, the decision was easy.

He tells us, “It was the cost and look that got me to do a shed with you guys!”

Another bonus was the quick and easy, prefabricated manufacturing process. Once Sam’s perfect design was finalised, it was PreCrafted off-site in our Sydney factory, ready for delivery and installation just weeks later. Precision-made using design technology and traditional craftsmanship techniques, the modular panels effortlessly came together on site in no time at all. No heavy plant equipment and vehicles, no disruption or damage to precious farmland.

And, making use of the exempt development code for rural buildings, Sam avoided lengthy council approval delays. Farm life could continue relatively uninterrupted.

Uniquely tough

Central to every barn and shed is the use of premium timbers and materials, purposefully selected for their resilience against the harsh Australian elements and perfectly suited to rural life. Every structure is built to withstand the test of time – a promise that is backed by a 10-year structural warranty.

But, as a third-generation family business, decades of expertise have taught us that no two properties or lifestyles are the same. Our collaborative design process therefore prioritises each client’s unique requirements above all else. Whatever the intended purpose, our team of Design Solutioneers works closely with each individual customer to craft the perfect rural outbuilding. One that is as individual as the owner’s lifestyle and as personalised as the property it graces.

Farm-life functionality

For Sam this meant a spacious 10.8m x 5.6m high-pitched loft barn fully clad in cedar weatherboard.

Cedar is the perfect choice for any farm building, offering superb durability and insulation properties – essential attributes for an outbuilding exposed to ever-changing elements.

Two sets of solid timber double barn doors not only look the part but serve the practical purpose of getting large machinery and vehicles in and out effortlessly.

All of our buildings feature low-maintenance Colorbond® roofing, tried and tested in Australian conditions to deliver outstanding, long-life performance and thermal efficiency through all four seasons.

And the structural pine framing of our buildings allows for ease of interior lining and the addition of insulation; not so easy in your typical basic metal structure.

A farm building for you

Eight years on and Sam’s barn is a rustic beauty that has settled into its surroundings with rugged grace: A busy storage shed and garage that keeps life on the farm ticking along and will continue to do so for years to come.

If you’re ready to replace an ugly or aging shed, or need to add to your existing property, our premium timber farm building solutions await. We’re ready to help you craft the perfect shed or outbuilding to blend seamlessly with your land and your rural lifestyle needs.

Sam’s cedar barn is a Cedarspan 30CHL60 Loft barn measuring 10.8m x 5.6m.

It features a cedar cladding upgrade, handcrafted timber barn doors, aluminium windows in “Black” and Colorbond® roofing in “Shale Grey”. 

All measurements are approximate. 

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