Belle Heath Estate – the star of the show

In 2016, Mel and Matt swapped the Sydney
rat race for a rural lifestyle in the beautiful Hawkesbury district.

And the tree change has transformed their lives!

“It’s a big hit…
It’s still so loved and pretty!” 

Belle Heath Estate Barn framed by jacaranda trees

Stealing the show  

Today, they are the proud owners of Belle Heath Estate, a distinctive all-white property set on 3 pristine acres. A highly sought-after venue, the estate has hosted numerous weddings and events and has served as a captivating backdrop for many a photo and film shoot. 

And the star of the show is their crowd-stopping Cedarspan barn. 

Dreaming the dream

Upon moving in, Mel and Matt set to work on creating their ultimate lifestyle property. The exteriors of the traditional country homestead and adjacent cottage were painted all white for a simple yet striking, classic aesthetic. And so, when Mel and Matt embarked on adding another building to their property, it needed to coordinate with the existing homestead and cottage.  

With a very specific look in mind, initially, Mel designed her ideal barn herself and engaged an architect to draw up plans. But, frustrated by approvals and delays, she started to look at alternative options. That’s when she came across Greenspan.  “We wanted a barn, and thankfully Greenspan had the design we were after.”  

Bringing the perfect Belle Heath Estate barn to life

A Cedarspan gave them everything they were looking for but without the headaches. “They had the traditional style,” Mel explains. Her chosen nominal design, a Cathedral Loft Barn 40CHL60, was the canvas for the personalised features that would shape the bespoke barn of her dreams. 

Customising the space to increase its size, it measures just over 60sqm, with an approx. 26 sqm storage loft. With further emphasis on space, it also features three-metre-high walls and a cathedral pitch ceiling.

To achieve the distinctive look she had in mind, Mel opted for additional windows, in white, of course, and added our beautiful, handcrafted timber barn doors. But little did she know how influential that decision would be! 

‘Better than ‘all-white’ – it’s crowd-stopping

Despite its generous size, our efficient PreCrafting processes meant the barn was manufactured and delivered within a matter of weeks, and then installed in just a few days. And once up and ready, it was time to paint and bring Mel’s very specific vision to life.

Naturally, all-white was the choice to coordinate with the homestead and cottage. White Board and Batten cladding, white barn doors, white windows. The result is show-stopping! 

And crowd-stopping. 

“We have people stopping in the street, looking at it and taking photos,” Mel says. One feature in particular draws the most attention. “The barn doors attract people. It’s a huge feature,” Mel confirms. “We had 2 people stop at our house yesterday afternoon while we were watering… it happens all the time,” she continues. 

Picture perfect

The barn hasn’t just captured the attention of passers-by; it has also caught the eye of some major brand names and popular TV shows. 

With its striking yet simplistic appeal, the barn is the ideal backdrop for photo and film shoots.

And it’s in high demand from some big players, regularly featuring in magazines and on TV. “Every week, I have a photoshoot…Oz Design, Flower Power, Pet Barn, and Married at First Sight have filmed here,” Mel tells us.

The perfectly manicured estate is also a popular wedding venue, with the barn featuring in the album of many newlywed couples.

A model landscape

Mel and Matt have created a truly sensational and highly versatile boutique venue offering events, photoshoots, award-winning accommodation and more.

And the addition of the Cedarspan barn was the catalyst for the hard work that followed to make this happen. “It did start us off on a beautiful path of designing the rest of the three acres,” Mel explains. And what acreage that is! 

Over the years, we have enjoyed watching Mel transform her property into a landscaper’s dream. With their own gardening business also now established, she tells us, “Our plan moving forward is to open our garden for people who want to visit.”

We’re not quite sure where Mel gets all this time!

The grounds are as stunning as the buildings, with manicured landscaping, lush green lawns, established trees and plants. This greenery is the perfect foreground to the stark white of the buildings behind.

We can see how Belle Heath Estate’s popularity continues to go from strength to strength. “It’s still so loved and pretty! It certainly continues to receive a lot of attention,” says Mel. 

Behind the scenes

But what was the reason for getting the barn in the first place? 

Well, it was actually built with a more practical purpose in mind. 

“My husband races cars. We needed something that could be multi-purpose, a larger three-car garage,” Mel advises. As a motoring enthusiast, it’s the ultimate hobby space. “It’s man heaven…He adores that space. He loves it,” she tells us.

Who would have thought that this mancave would become the star of the show? 

It’s been seven years since Mel and Matt made the switch from city to country living. They have truly embraced their new lifestyle, with their Cedarspan barn the beginning of the rural dream they have created.

Reflecting on their decision to trade the big smoke for the country, “We ended up finding this house outside of the bubble that we lived in forever, and we are happy that we moved up here.” 

And so are we! 

Mel’s nominal Cedarspan design is a Cathedral Loft Barn 40CHL60 with 3m walls. It measures 10.8m x 7.4m and includes a 26m2 storage loft, spanning 7.2m x 3.6m. 

It features Board and Batten cladding and has been personalised further with additional windows and handcrafted timber barn doors. 

To coordinate perfectly with the existing properties and the all-white vision, Mel selected Colorbond® roofing in “Woodland Grey” and “White” aluminium windows. 

All measurements are approximate.  

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View of Belle Heath Estate Barn and homestead through jacaranda tree

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