This Majestic Cedar Barn is a Family’s Multipurpose Space

It was a childhood memory that inspired Scott to build a barn.

“My father had a cedar shed when I was younger. I was looking to create something similar that suited the property.”


That’s when Scott came across Cedarspan™ 

“I was searching a few sites on the internet. It was convenient that we didn’t have to build from scratch.”


Prefab Cedarspan™ Loft Barn 40CHL40 installed to lock-up stage


40CHL40 with cedar upgrade, cedar French doors and windows, and barn-style double doors

On an acre of land, a short distance from the home, this traditional barn provides a family with valuable space.

“It’s a workshop, music and storage area, and garden shed.”


How’s that for multipurpose?

Scott customised the design with loft balustrades and ladder

Making the move from Sydney, Scott and his family relocated to the Southern Highlands a few years ago.

These days, he and his wife are giving their teenage kids a taste of the simpler life with a focus on family.


“I feel pleased to be able to offer that to them. It’s been a worthwhile move for us.”


When asked what his favourite moment from the barn has been so far, the answer is simple.


“It’s the kids playing their instruments and our family standing around listening to them.”


Form meets function: A traditional barn and a multifunctional space

And while it’s a space the whole family enjoys, it’s become somewhat of a man cave.

“I get teased a little bit. It’s always claimed that I have all these things in the barn, yet I try and make sure everything is neat in the house.”


A mechanic by trade, Scott enjoys having a workshop on his rural property.

“I always love being in it, I guess. I love the ability to go somewhere and spend some time that isn’t so structured.”

“I don’t need to go in there with a plan, but I can come out with feeling like I’ve achieved something.”


Cedarspan™ 40CHL40 with cedar upgrade and Colorbond roof in Woodland Grey

For those who visit, the reaction is almost always the same.

“The common feedback is ‘oh, love that!’”

“They tend to enjoy what it looks like from the outside looking in. Sometimes, if people do end up coming in, it’s got the split level in there, and they see it as practical.”


As this traditional barn meets both form and function, its owner would happily do it all again.

“Ours has been fantastic.”

“I would be happy to use Cedarspan™ again should we buy another place and need to do that.”


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