A backyard office for a maxed-out house 

Both Lisa and her husband, Aung, work from home full-time.

So, when Lisa lost her home office to their rapidly growing teenage boys, she had to find a solution. 

“We honestly had a great experience…The level of information and customer service set you apart from others. ” 

covered verandah adjoining backyard office with spa in foreground

A solution to an outgrown home 

Working from home on a permanent basis meant a home office was an essential requirement for Lisa and Aung. 

For a while, they managed well with the existing space in their four-bedroom home. But with three teenage boys, it was only a matter of time before Lisa had to give up her base in the spare room. When two of the kids decided they were done with sharing a bedroom and wanted their own space, Lisa needed to find a way to reclaim hers.

With the rooms inside the house maxed out, Lisa looked to the garden to create a functional backyard office. 

Choosing Greenspan for reliable support 

Committed to the idea of a dedicated outdoor home office where Lisa could head off to work for the day, they started investigating options. “We did lots of research of different outdoor room solutions,” Lisa tells us. 

The couple planned to get hands-on with this project, aiming to complete much of the preparation, installation and fit-out themselves. As such, it was important that they would be well supported through the process.

The outstanding customer service they received from the very start set Greenspan apart, giving them the reassurance they needed. “From our first contact with Greenspan we were confident,” Lisa states, “The main reason we chose Greenspan was the level of support and customer service”. 

Bringing it together 

Embarking on the project lived up to the expectations formed by their first point of contact. “The process of designing our Melwood was smooth and fun,” Lisa recalls.

The couple selected a Melwood eSpace for their backyard office addition, personalising the design to meet their exact specifications and tie in with the surrounding landscaping project they also had planned.

Just a few weeks later, with the modular panels and building components delivered, Lisa and Aung, helped by friends, set upon bringing it all together. 

A backyard office fit for a CBD

What was a huge mud pit in the garden has been transformed into a sleek, modern structure complemented by tiered decking surrounds. And an office space to rival any in the CBD. 

The eSpace, looking like it stepped straight off the cover of an architectural magazine, is truly a style statement. As is popular with this design, Lisa and Aung opted for a contemporary black-on-black aesthetic. The surrounding timber decking complements and adds warmth to the overall look. And all impressively completed by the homeowners themselves! 

The interior has been finished to equal perfection. Echoing the vertical eco hardwood to the exterior is internal timber panelling to the walls and ceiling. Painted a contrasting warm white, the high-end finish continues inside as well as out.  

Lisa has created a backyard office space that caters to every working day need, ensuring a complete separation between home and work.

One end is dedicated to desk space, with a special spot on the floor reserved for office pup and colleague, Reggie! A kitchenette and bathroom provide the necessary comforts to get through the day and outside there is an adjacent covered deck where Lisa can take her breaks and enjoy some screen-free time in the fresh air. She can even take a dip in the spa at lunchtime! 

An upgrade: From spare room to luxury backyard office  

Lisa has certainly had an upgrade! From a desk in the spare room to a luxurious backyard office that she can escape to for the day.

And everyone is happy!

“As a family of five that includes three teenage boys, our Melwood has meant that everyone has their own space to study and work,” Lisa says.

The growing boys have their own bedrooms. Lisa has a work from home space that wouldn’t look out of place in a modern CBD precinct. No commute or battle with traffic necessary. Plus, a muddy wasted space has been transformed to a fully landscaped garden. One that is crowned with the statement feature that is this happy family’s Melwood eSpace. 

Lisa’s Melwood is an eSpace 1600 measuring 5.4m x 3.2m.

It features Eco Hardwood Cladding and has been personalised further with aluminium windows in “Black” and Colorbond® roofing in “Nightsky”. 

Lisa added a panorama window, upgraded to double glazing, and omitted the standard eSpace decking inclusion.

All measurements are approximate. 

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