The ‘garden shed’ that delivers big

Sonia wanted to create additional living space beyond the walls of her rental home.

She discovered the perfect solution with a personalisable, portable and practical Melwood Workshed.

“We simply love our little Melwood.” 

Front on view of garden shed with double doors open

Names can be deceiving  

Don’t be fooled by the name. 

Sure, it excels as a practical work area or a storage solution for your gardening tools. So, some customers opt for the Melwood Workshed as a stylish and durable workshop or garden shed. But there’s much more to this versatile range of garden rooms and studios.

The Melwood Workshed has become a popular choice for those seeking a stylish and multifunctional outdoor living space. One that goes beyond its name. With a wall height of up to 2.4 meters and a spacious floor area of up to 60 square meters, the versatility of the design opens up a world of possibilities. 

Take Sonia, for instance. She has taken hers to new heights of creativity. And we love it! 


As a renter, Sonia was limited when it came to achieving the extra space she needed for her two growing teenagers. Then she found one of our Display Centres and she was sold. “I thought, it’s a garden room, but it’s built and constructed like a proper house,” she recalls, “It has gutters, insulation, a proper roof”.  

Sonia initially chose her Melwood for its durable construction, wanting something that could last.

But there were added benefits to selecting the PreCrafted option. The nature of the modular panels, the precision with which they are handcrafted and put together, and the sturdy high-quality materials used means it is completely portable! “I can take it or dismantle it when my lease ends,” Sonia says.

Plus, with the entire garden shed being PreCrafted off-site, it is just a matter of putting the parts together on arrival. The garden was preserved; safe from damage and disruption.

With all of this in mind, winning over her landlord was no problem!  

Fun and funky 

When Sonia surprised her teens with their new hangout, she also gave them the freedom to decorate it as they wished. “I like involving them and they like to be involved. They chose all the colours,” she tells us. 

It was also the chance for some quality family time occupied on a fun project together. Friends jumped in to help prime and paint the board and batten exterior a trendy blue, and then the fun really started. “The kids chose some wallpaper I had in the house,” Sonia says.

And it looks amazing. With a pink door and trendy interior, it is a fun and playful hangout pad and style statement. 

A shared family space 

Originally, Sonia’s Melwood was intended as an extra room for work or play when needed. “I felt it would be a secret spot for the teenage kids or a perfect place to work,” Sonia tells us.

With the kids at their dad’s house every other week, Sonia can reclaim the space during that time as her home office.

And when they are home with Sonia, it’s their turn, becoming “an open, fun and private space for them to sit and chat with their friends or to enjoy their favourite hobby”.

Sonia’s son, an aspiring DJ, has a place to pursue his hobby and her daughter has a peaceful sanctuary in which to relax and hang out.

From teen retreat to party pad 

But, considering its compact size, the little garden shed has become a multi-functional space that has served many unusual purposes over the years! For a small package it has delivered big! 

During the pandemic, when travel was a no-go, the family of three would head to their garden room for off grid weekend getaways! It has been a handy occasional ‘guest room’, giving Sonia’s brother an independent space when he has come to stay. Sonia’s daughter has used it as a ‘party house’. And continuing that theme, it even transformed into a DJ station for Sonia’s recent 50th birthday bash. “I am sure we will be using it many other ways,” she muses. 

Prized possession 

Sonia loves her tiny ‘house’, gutters, insulation, windows, roofing and all!

And as a renter, it’s great to feel like a homeowner. “I own my personal cabana but not my house yet,” she jokes.

But that’s not what’s important to Sonia.

“It’s not just the monetary value. It’s the lifestyle value the cabana has added to our lives,” she raves. 

Photos by @afrancolini

Sonia’s Melwood is a Workshed 2036 measuring 3.6m x 2m.

It features Board & Batten cladding, aluminium windows in “White” and Colorbond® roofing in “Woodland Grey”. 

All measurements are approximate. 

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