Scott & Berni’s Summer-Ready Pool Cabana

Imagine a 50’s themed pool party, right in your backyard!

Scott and Berni’s Pool Cabana has taken their outdoor area to a whole new level of fun!

We love all the little details they have added to their Melwood Cabana to create this funky retro look.

With plans to add a bar, fridges, seating, a covered area and more decking, this is one backyard sure to make a splash!

Grab your drink, sit back in your chair and soak in all the glorious details below!


We love it, and we’re sure all of Scott and Berni’s family and friends will too!

This funky Pool Cabana is the Melwood Mod Design No.18 (5.4m x 3.2m with 1.3m deck)

You can get your own customizable, council-exempt Backyard Cabana in just a few easy steps- click here to download pricing and get your project started


Loving the sun

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