Penny’s Sophisticated Storage Room

Have you ever wondered where to store your surfboard / pool equipment / hiking gear / sewing machine / hula hoops / anything else taking up valuable space…?

I have the answer for you!

In your backyard!

Your goods will be safe, secure and protected from the elements, AND within reach when you need them!

A backyard structure is the fast, easy way to add storage space to your house! With options from 6m2 – 20m2, there’s a solution to fit your space and needs! Melwood Workshops are also designed for council-exempt rules, that means no plans, no council, no mucking around!

Melwood products are sturdy and durable, and come with a full 10-year structural warranty.

Penny and her family recently purchased a Melwood Workshed to add to their property. They then added gyprock, flooring and a light to complete their storage space! Now they have a lockable storage space that is easy to access and looks fantastic!


Penny says:  “It will mainly house stuff that has no place in the house and also my sewing machine (which I don’t use much these days). We did all the work on it ourselves, except for electrical. Because it is mainly to be used just as a shed finishing it ourselves rather than having professionals do it provided a good project that didn’t need to be perfect. The most home decorating stuff we had done in the past was altering the length of a readymade curtain so needless to say we were quite pleased with our efforts in plastering and flooring.”


Penny’s Sophisticated Storage Shed is the Melwood Workshop Design No.18 (5.4m x 3.2m)

You can get your own customizable, council-exempt Backyard Cabana, Cubby House or Garden Shed in just a few easy steps- click here to download pricing and get your project started

What would store in your backyard storage cabana, cubby house or garden shed? Tell us in the comments below!

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