The Cedarspan™ Cabin base…

The clever pole-floor design by Cedarspan gives many advantages over a normal static cabin, saving time, money, hassle and danger of flooding!

  1. “Our Structures Do Not Require A Concrete Base Or Concrete Foundation.” We do not need a concrete foundation, therefore not needing a concrete base means we can keep our prices considerably lower.
  2. “Our Structures Can Be Fitted On Very Uneven Ground.” Every section of the base is individually adjustable which means that your cabin or barn can be fitted on very uneven ground. With other structures, you would have to have a concrete foundation laid as flat as possible, otherwise it would not be level. This is not an issue with our cabins. Virtually any severity of sloping land can be accommodated.
  3. “Your Cabin Can Sit On Different Foundations.”Some of the foundation could be lawn, some could be slabs, some could be an old concrete foundation. So if the site for your cabin is a mixture of grass, gravel, concrete, slabs, soil, etc. it is not a problem for Cedarspan’s floor system.
  4. “The Base Means Zero Danger Of Dampness.” The base means there is always an air gap between the ground and your Cabin so there is zero chance of dampness being a problem.
  5. “Your Cabin Can Be Fitted In Areas Where Flooding Is A Danger.” This advantage been pointed out to us by a number of our customers. One client lives right next to a river and wanted their cabin to be elevated above any likely flood level.  This was very easily accommodated.
  6. “The Base Means We Can Install Your Cabin More Quickly.” If we can install your cabin quickly, this means we have lower wage bills, lower vehicle hire costs, lower overnight accommodation costs. All of these savings can be passed on to you. Our prices represent excellent value because our designs are more efficient.
  7. “You Must Always Have A Strong Foundation.” Many of our Cabins are used as gyms where there is extra weight and stress. Our base is designed to withstand this type of stress.
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