Laura’s Heritage Style Garden Room

“It’s my excuse to escape from the kids.”

“You will find me in the shed every weekend.”

Laura knew what she wanted in a garden room, and Melwood ticked all the boxes.

“We didn’t have a garage. We wanted something pretty and functional with an easy installation.”

Laura recalls bringing her vision to life during the design process.

“We have a Federation house with weatherboard panels.”

“Melwood gave us more options for the design after seeing the house.”

She chose a Workshed 3254 with cedar cladding and French doors.

Workshed 3254 with cedar upgrade and French doors. Measures: 5.4m x 3.2m

Laura’s heritage style garden room has attracted the attention of many.

“When friends come round, they’re jealous, and they want their own.”

It’s also intrigued others.

“When tradies come round, they can’t believe it’s in such good condition for a shed that’s 130 years old.”

“And when they go inside, they say, ‘hang on a minute that can’t be right.’ And I tell them, it’s three years old.”

Laura’s garden room is used as a potting shed and storage area

Not only is the Melwood aesthetically pleasing, but it also finds practical use.

“I love my garden, and I use it as a potting shed.”

Laura’s three children also use it as a storage space.

“The teenagers put their bikes in there. The younger one puts his scooter and sports equipment in there.”

“That’s how they use it unless they’re standing in there bugging me while I’m doing my gardening.”

“I try to shoo them away at that point!”

Lifestyle space made easy with a Melwood garden room

Now, Laura’s husband would like a garden room of his own.

“My husband has tried to suggest we get a second one so he can use it as a pool cabana and games room, but we don’t have the space.”

“I wish I could buy another one.”

“It’s in excellent condition as the day we put it in.”

Want to Give Your Family More Lifestyle Space?

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