Melwood for Business

Do you need more space for your business?


Whether its for storage, meeting clients or a site office, a Melwood Garden Room means you can have the space you need in just a few weeks.

We help business owners get the space they need, quickly & easily, with a custom Melwood structure. 


Benefits of a Melwood Garden Room for your Business:


Hear what other business owners say about their Melwood:

Michael is using his Melwood as storage + office space for his online business. The garden room has solved his storage problems & given him more opportunity to expand his business. His advice to someone considering Melwood? Do it, the process is easy and the quality is excellent”

Virginia is using her Melwood as a stylish storeroom for her business. She loved the modern look of her garden room & the ability to customise. It’s a fantastic idea and helped us immensely”

Anthony likes his Melwood office because “it gives video calls a more professional appearance”. He says the biggest plusses were ” the speed of the construction and the professionalism of the workers.”.

Emma uses her Melwood garden room as a design studio for her sign writing and graphic design business. Her advice to anyone considering a Melwood? “I would say do it without hesitation. We got exactly what we asked for and the whole process was smooth and easy. The delivery and install blew us away, it was up within 4 hours and the staff were all fantastic.” She also mentioned the quality of the build. After comparing a few different products, Emma chose Melwood because “the finished product was well-made and not just an oversized kids cubby”.

Nick from Rawson Homes chose Melwood because he Needed a cost effective, but attractive building to invite customers to for information about a land development project.” The quick & easy construction was also a bonus for Nick. “Its a great product and a simple purchase process.”


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We can’t wait to help you create your custom Melwood garden room, and give your business the space it needs & deserves.  

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Melwood - get the space you need for your business


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