3D Planner

Design and plan your backyard cabana, and work out how much you can fit inside with this online 3D Planning Software. 


Our recommended 3D planning software is fun, free & easy to use. 

Simply create a room to the same dimensions of your Melwood Cabana (see below), and you’ve got a fast, easy way to visualise and plan your garden studio!


Click on your preferred Melwood Cabana size below to start editing

Simply drag and drop furniture or equipment into the room, and the software will show you how much you can fit inside.

(This software works best on a tablet or computer)


2.0m wide

2.0m x 3.6m (Melwood Cabana 2036)

2.0m x 5.4m (Melwood Cabana 2054)


2.6m wide

2.6m x 3.6m (Melwood Cabana 10)

2.6m x 5.4m (Melwood Cabana 15)

2.6m x 7.2m (Melwood Cabana 19)


3.2m wide 

3.2m x 3.6m (Melwood Cabana 12)

3.2m x 5.4m (Melwood Cabana 18)

3.2m x 6.3m (Melwood Cabana 20)

3.2m x 7.2m (Melwood Cabana 23)


3.7m wide

3.7m x 5.4m (Melwood Cabana 21)


Save & Share Your Designs

Create as many designs as you like. You’ll be able to save each design and share them with friends.

We recommend sticking to standard sizes (above). However, we make to order, and can easily customise the size of your Melwood Studio to fit your backyard perfectly.



Sample: Home Gym Design

Here’s an example of a Home Gym created with the software.

You can see the dimensions of a Melwood No.18 (5.4m x 3.2m).

Simply drag and drop furniture or equipment into the room,  and the stylish 3d image that shows you how much you can fit inside.

3D Planner | Plan the layout and interiors of your Melwood Cabana or Garden Studio

Plan your cabana with free online 3d planning software
Create stylish 3d images of your cabana interior with our recommended 3D software.


Then bring your designs to life!

Adding a Melwood Cabana to your property is quick & easy.

We’ve helped hundreds of Aussie homeowners just like you get the space they need. We can’t wait to do it for you too.

Click the below link to download our pricelist. We’ll be in touch within a few days to answer any questions you may have and show you the next step.


Download Melwood Pricelist

Download design price guide
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