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We help hobbyists create a dedicated workshop that allows you to focus & produce your best work, without distractions.  And we’ve been doing it for over 40 years.


Benefits of a Melwood Backyard Workshop:


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Hear what other hobbyists say about their Melwood Workshops:

Andrew chose Melwood because he ‘wanted more than just a tin shed.‘ He had looked at building it himself but worked out that it would cost him the same (and less time!) to buy a Melwood cabana. Click here to see more photos of Andrew’s metalworking workshop.

Andrew’s words to someone considering Melwood: “The product is good. They know the product and personal modifications are easily incorporated.”


Donna’s cabana is her sewing room, a space to make retro dresses & quilts. Donna chose Melwood because she liked the style & look of the cabanas.  “[the] team of tradesmen were on time, put a quality product up, cleaned up after themselves. Great to work with. My husband was very pleased.”

Donna’s words to someone considering Melwood: You cannot go wrong. From the beginning to the finished product, it has been very good.”


Carolyn’s workshop is a hobby room & home gym!  “Having looked at several different companies, I decided that I liked the look and finish as well as the large choice available with Melwood.” Click here to see photos of Carolyn’s workshop.

Carolyn’s words to someone considering Melwood: “Excellent quality product, looks fantastic. The people who I dealt with at Melwood throughout the whole process were all knowledgeable, very helpful and their wonderful website is very helpful as well. I particularly love the photos and tips to help with ideas. A complete hassle free experience.”


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We can’t wait to help you create your custom Melwood workshop, and give your hobby the space it needs & deserves.  

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