Boost Productivity with an Outdoor Studio


With Covid restrictions still in place, our backyards have become sanctuaries and retreats.

Making the most of your outdoor space is now one of the most valuable home improvement projects you could undertake.

When Bob and Merinda needed a dedicated creative hub, they had a Melwood installed.


Bob & Merinda’s outdoor room is the Melwood Mod 18, measuring 5.4m x 3.2m


“We needed a space that we could set up for an interview or a music gig and be able to close the door and walk away.”

Initially, the cabana served as a music room where Merinda would teach her students.

It’s evolved into a multimedia studio equipped for photography, videography, interviews, music, and even sewing.


The multi-purpose studio is used for videography, photography, music, and sewing
Bob & Merinda say the extra space is ‘a gift’


“Now that it’s a multi-purpose creative space, I feel less guilty about not teaching and not having students in there all the time,” Merinda explained.

“The room is used a lot which is great.”

The extra space has given the Photojournalist and Music Teacher forward momentum for their projects.

“Our Melwood is a dedicated creative space.” 

“We can close the door and leave creative happenings still intact ready to go rather than having to take down at the end of the day.”

“It’s such a gift.”

Adding a Melwood to their backyard has given them both space and motivation to get creative.

“We’ve been able to walk into retirement, which is a drastic contrast to when we were both working full time.”

“We’re dabbling in other things; we’re learning to make films and learning to put soundtracks through them.”

The South Coast residents chose the Mod 18, measuring 5.4m long and 3.2m wide.

Once installed to lock-up stage, the couple added the finishing touches, painting the exterior a light grey to contrast their home.

Finishing touches: Bob & Merinda painted the exterior light grey to contrast the house


“All around the door trims and the windows, we painted it purple to give it a lift.”

Bob and Merinda recall the easy process of adding a Melwood to the backyard.

“They just put it together, prefab, which is what we prefer rather than having someone destroying your place for six months,” Bob said.

Like all Melwood Garden Rooms, Bob and Merinda’s new space has the benefit of insulation, making it comfortable all year round.


Bob & Merinda’s Melwood garden room is a dedicated creative space

“It’s a very pleasant place, and it faces north, so it gets the winter sun.”

The new space also gets a tick of approval from visitors and friends.

“Anyone who has come to see our new digs and they’ve seen the cabin, and the creative space and they’ve just been so thrilled with it.”


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