Andrew’s Metalworking Workshop

Imagine if you had space to focus on your hobby, without distractions.

Space to perfect your work. To fine-tune details.

Spread all your tools & materials out, and not have to pack them away.


The luxury of closing the door at the end of the day, knowing you can return to your workshop and pick up where you left off tomorrow. 

Sound good? 


Andrew knows the feeling.

He got his new [intlink id=”954″ type=”page”]workshop [/intlink]delivered & installed the other day, and sent us these pics once he’d finished painting it. (Doesnt it look great!)

We’ve asked him a few questions about it for you, which we’re sharing below. Scroll on.


So… what’s it going to be used for?


It’s going to be his metalworking workshop! 🛠

Most Melwood Garden rooms don’t need a concrete slab, but Andrew’s is an exception.

“As it will have heavy machinery, we put in a concrete slab rather than the melwood floor system.” 

Once the slab was set and ready, we installed the workshop directly on top of it (in one day!). 


What did you do BW? (before workshop)


“Since moving to a new house, my workshop equipment has been packed up and in storage as there was nowhere suitable to set it up.

 Yup, a probem most of us can relate to! Not enough space!

With a workshop in the backyard, Andrew can now use his equipment, and save $$ on storage fees! #nowthatsagoodidea


Now, you might be thinking…

Why wouldn’t someone as handy as Andy build it himself?


Ah, there’s a very good reason for that! 


Basically, he considered building it himself, but when he worked out the figures, Andrew realised it would cost him less to have a Melwood Cabana made-to-order, delivered and assembled for him! #winwin 

In Andrew’s own words…

I had been planning on building a workshop…. I wanted more than just a tin shed. I started planning and preparing my own design and doing cost estimates”  but then he discovered the Melwood Mod Cabana. “They looked very similar to what I had in mind, and the cost was well within what I had realized it would cost to build it myself.”


We also asked Andrew what he loved most about the whole process. 


(Because, yes, we fish for compliments. ;)) 

Here’s what he said:

“The product is good. They know the product and personal modifications are easily incorporated.

The staff were responsive to emails, polite and flexible with the few requests I had (changing delivery date etc.)”

Blushing.  But hey, helps to know, right?


Now for the pictures & specs:


Andrews workshop is the Melwood Mod Cabana No.18.

It measures 5.4m x 3.2m, and he’s chosen these options:

  • Cedar Cladding (nice and cool in summer, cozy and warm in winter)
  • Double Doors on two sides (easy access + a nice wide opening for getting workbenches inside)
  • Woodland Grey Colorbond Roof (our favourite!)

[intlink id=”1218″ type=”page”]Click here to download workshop pricing. [/intlink]


Get the Space You Need - pricelist download


Want to see one in person?

We’ve got the Mod Cabana No.18 on display at our Drummoyne and Neutral Bay Display Centres.

It’s great to be able to step inside, look around and get a feel for the size & quality.

No appointment needed, just pop in and take a look around.

 Click here for address and opening hours.



Double custom timber doors for easy side access.
Andrews workshop features double custom timber doors for easy side access.


The highlight windows in Andrews Workshop let in alot of natural light. The double glass doors provide a nice wide access, and the cedar cladding boasts enhanced insulation capability.
The highlight windows let in alot of natural light. The double glass doors provide a nice wide access, and the cedar cladding will keep the workshop cozy & quiet inside.


After one-day delivery + installation by Melwood’s trained teams, Andrews new Workshop was built to lock up stage, ready for him to begin the fitout.



Andrew's Metalworking Workshop
Andrew’s Metalworking Workshop

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