A Country Cabin, a Place for Family Memories

“It’s so functional. It’s fantastic.”

“We can’t imagine not having it.”


It’s here where Glynis and her family enjoy a separate and practical space on their property.

“We use it all the time.”


She chose a Cedarspan™ 40H60 with Wethertex cladding and two verandahs.

By adding barn doors, she’s given it a distinct look.

“We wanted ours to look like a rural barn. We wanted it to compliment the house that we built.”


Cedarspan™ 40H60 in Wethertex cladding with additional verandahs and barn-style double doors

So what does Glynis love most?

“The loftiness of it. We went for extra height. We went for higher walls, and you’ve got such a fantastic sense of airiness and space.”

 “It makes it seem so much bigger because of the height.”


The Cedarspan™ high pitched ceilings create a welcoming atmosphere

Glynis says the cabin has exceeded expectations.

“I can’t put a figure on it, but it has been far more useful than we could have ever imagined.”

“In terms of its use, it’s invaluable.”


Assembling the prefab structure was a team effort.

“The barn was incredibly easy to put up.”

“We don’t know what we’re doing, but my son does know what he’s doing, and he has two friends who are both carpenters.”

“So four of them with us as labour put the whole thing up to a weather tight stage in one weekend.”


The cabin also finds practical use.

“The verandahs are so beautiful. On and off, we store so much stuff under the verandahs because they’re so weatherproof.”


The Cedarspan™ prefab design provided ease of construction, making it a DIY project

Most of all, the Cedarspan™ is a focal point for family memories.

“We had a Christmas in it once, and we had 16 sitting in it for dinner. It was great.”


And it’s convenient when the adults need a break, too.

“We dump all the kids in there. All the teenagers all go over there, and we have some peace and quiet over here!”


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