How a garden room home office enhances work and life 

Working from home used to be a rare perk, but it’s quickly becoming the new normal across many industries. Progressive companies are realising the many benefits for both staff and the bottom line. Employees gain greater work-life balance and autonomy. Allowing staff to work remotely – whether full-time or a hybrid mix – provides more flexibility and control over scheduling. Employees can better manage responsibilities like school drop offs and appointments without taking time off. Reduced commute times also equate to lower stress.  

Improved wellbeing increases productivity

With greater work-life harmony, employees feel more motivated and energised. Studies show satisfaction levels are higher, and staff are less likely to burn out or leave companies that offer remote work options. Happier and less stressed employees are more engaged, collaborative and innovative, equalling higher productivity in the long run. Businesses save on expensive office overheads. It’s a win-win situation when done right.

Work and life can be integrated in ways not always possible in a centralised on-site work arrangement. No more wasting hours commuting each day. Skip the rushed morning routine and enjoy breakfast with your family. Easily fit in exercise like a mid-day yoga class or the daily dog walk at lunchtime. Pick up the kids from school before finishing up your workday from home. The flexibility brings less stress and more joy. 

But it’s important to keep the boundaries from blurring. 

From the kitchen counter to a home office in the garden

While kitchen counters, dining tables or spare bedrooms might suffice initially, dedicated home office spaces greatly enhance the work from home experience. And many remote workers are discovering that an office created from a garden room or studio provides the perfect balance between work and family life. 

A thoughtfully designed garden office provides the separation many need from household distractions. Stepping away from the house allows the peace to truly focus during work hours. They provide space for necessary office equipment, storage and privacy for calls and meetings. And being able to close the door on the day allows for mental and physical separation of work and home life. 

Create the perfect home office with a personalisable garden room

We have a wide range of garden rooms and studios. And as they can be further personalised to your needs and preferences, there really is a backyard home office solution for everyone. Select your size. Determine your preferred cladding. Configure the positioning of your chosen doors and windows. Add a deck or take one away. Pick your colours. Almost every design feature of your building can be personalised to suit. 

Provided to lock up stage, it’s then a blank canvas for you to fit out and finish as you wish. Your garden office will be as unique as you are.

7 garden room home office spaces to inspire

Lisa upgraded from using the spare bedroom for work to this sleek, fully self-contained garden room home office. Complete with a kitchenette, bathroom and adjoining decked verandah, every workday need is catered for in this 5.4m x 3.2m eSpace 1600.

2. The missing working from home puzzle piece

Nick and Charmayne’s entire home-buying journey was shaped by being able to create an essential home office in the garden with this Melwood Mod 18. Bright, white and flooded with natural light, this 18sqm garden studio provides plenty of space for two workstations, allowing both Charmayne and Nick to work from home.

3. Quality, ease and style

Natalie had high expectations and a comprehensive wish list when it came to creating a home office in the garden. This custom Melwood eSpace, measuring 10.3m x 3.8m ticked all of her boxes. Contemporary, spacious, durable, flexible and versatile it has a kitchenette, bathroom and dedicated areas for working and resting.

4. A peaceful meeting space

As a counsellor, Amanda’s 6.3m x 3.2m Melwood Mod 20 is the peaceful retreat she needs to meet with clients. Filled with light and elevated to make the most of the coastal view, it is an instantly calming environment.

5. Simply the best home office

Richard had limited space to work with when creating his garden office. But less is more and this compact Melwood Mod 12, measuring just 3.6m x 3.2m proves that. With every inch of space optimised, this is a light, bright and entirely practical home office, with a pool view.

6. A home office to restore peace in an enchanting garden setting

Lisa’s husband delivered enthusiastic online lectures and she needed to restore peace in the house. A Melwood Mod 21 came to the rescue as a unique and contemporary home office for his noisy tutoring. It blends seamlessly with the beauty of its leafy surroundings and provides Sparky, the family labrador, a shady spot to watch over the garden.

7. Supersizing space in Sydney

Space was at a premium in Christine’s compact Inner West home. So she got creative. A Melwood Mod 18 was modified to fit a very specific area in her backyard, creating an incredible room that has significantly extended her home. The stylish centrepiece of a larger landscaping project, this garden studio serves as a home office and a multitude of other purposes, supersizing Christine’s living space.

Durable timber garden rooms built for work and life 

We only use high-quality premium timbers such as Western Red Cedar that look beautiful and stand the test of time. Made to withstand the harsh Australian climate, rest assured your workspace will hold up through all weather conditions. Your home office will maintain its good looks and structural integrity for decades to come. The modular design also means that if you move house, your office can even relocate with you!  

An asset that adds value 

Should you move house and choose to leave it behind, your garden room is an attractive selling point. Unlike a flimsy structure, your timber Melwood garden office will actually enhance your property’s value. Well-designed garden rooms and studios with high-end finishes are sought-after home features, increasing saleability and resale value. Buyers recognise that these versatile spaces have potential as an in-law suite, a teen retreat, an art studio and much more.  

Made for your family by our family 

Don’t waste another year wishing you had a space to blend work and life. Invest in a made-to-order timber garden office designed just for you. As a third-generation family business, we understand the connection between space and lifestyle. We take pride in helping Aussie families and professionals create their perfect backyard sanctuaries and workspaces. 

Our family looks forward to helping yours! 

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