Lisa’s paradise: more than just a garden room

Nestled within Lisa’s enchanting garden lies a hidden gem.

A blend of timeless elegance and modern sophistication.
A Melwood Mod garden room that is as picture-perfect as its stunning surrounds.

Come take a closer look. 

“The process for designing the structure was very easy.” 

A need for peace and harmony, a garden room the answer 

Lisa needed a little peace back in her life!  

Her husband – an online lecturer who worked from home – delivered enthusiastic lectures that often echoed throughout the house. Meanwhile, his work demanded silence from the rest of the family, who had to tiptoe around their own home. An uncomfortable situation for this Upper North Shore household.

Lisa and her husband came across the Melwood garden rooms after seeing one of our Display Centres and immediately fell in love with the idea. It would offer extra room away from the house for undisturbed lecturing and restore peace for the rest of the family. It was the answer to their current noisy and uncomfortable situation! 

Social inspiration 

They immediately headed to Instagram for inspiration and to check out the different design options. Looking through the socials, they could see the designs were unique and beautiful. But as important, the business model also looked great and met their needs. So, armed with confidence, they booked an appointment with a Design Solutioneer and they were on their way. 

Picture-perfect perfection 

The setting for their new garden room was enchanting. A picture-perfect garden paradise and a serene sanctuary. It was important that the Melwood blended seamlessly with the beauty of its surroundings. Lisa sought a unique and contemporary look, but one that also complemented the leafy oasis in which it would be set.

Nothing left to guesswork 

Our Design Solutioneer immediately grasped their aesthetic and practical needs and was able to bring their vision to life in just a few minutes. “We sat down with Franky and he designed what we wanted straight away,” Lisa tells us, as she describes how easy the process was. “We got an accurate price and idea of options there and then.” Nothing was left to guesswork. 

From there, the rest of the process was just as seamless. “Honestly the whole process from start to finish was smooth and easy,” Lisa recalls. Even getting ready for the big day was hassle-free. “Prior to delivery and installation, we were given numbers of tradespeople to work with,” Lisa explains. Then, delivered just weeks after signing off on their perfect design, the new space was up and ready in a day. Peace at last! 

More than a lecture space 

But aside from its initial purpose, Lisa’s new addition evolved into more than just a way of restoring peace in her home. It has become a haven set in its own leafy sanctuary that the whole family – even extended – now enjoys. 

While peace reigns inside the home during the working day, with a household of boys, noise resumes after hours! Lisa’s Melwood has become a tranquil corner to enjoy peace once more. “I love it as my own chill-out zone, glass of wine and Netflix,” she tells us. 

When the teenage boys need a quiet place to focus on their studies, they too have a peaceful retreat. “It will be very handy around HSC time,” Lisa notes. 

Sometimes, the house gets too much even for Sparky, the family’s much-loved Labrador. He too enjoys this quiet space, while watching the wildlife bustling around the garden. 

And if all this wasn’t enough use for one living space, it also serves as a welcoming guest room. Lisa’s parents love staying there when they come to visit. And it’s easy to see why – what an incredible setting to wake up in each morning!

More than a garden room 

What began as a solution to bring peace back into the home has blossomed into a tranquil and multifunctional haven for the whole family. 

So how does Lisa sum it all up? 

“We absolutely love it; it is that extra space we needed. My husband lectures in the space, sometimes my son does his homework there, it’s a spare bed if needed. A getaway for me with a glass of wine and Netflix.” 

Lisa’s story shows that a Melwood is not just a garden room. It’s a testament to how a well-designed space can transform a lifestyle and become an integral part of a family’s everyday happiness.

Because that’s what we’re all about — creating spaces that enhance lives.   

Lisa’s Melwood is a Mod 21 measuring 5.4m x 3.7m with a deck measuring 5.4m x 1.3m. 

It features an Eco Hardwood Cladding upgrade to two sides with Board and Batten cladding as standard to the remaining two. Lisa further personalised her design with timber doors and sidelights, aluminium windows in “Black” and Colorbond® roofing in “Monument”. 

All measurements are approximate. 

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