A garden makeover: Sam and Abbey’s kelpie cave

When he saw his neighbour’s Melwood, Sam was inspired to replace the ugly metal garden sheds he had hidden along the side of his house.

And with this garden makeover, he also created the perfect space for Abbey, his beautiful 14-year-old kelpie.

“…the Melwood is a great
looking structure…
It was an instant eye-catcher” 

Out with the ugly

Unsightly, albeit practical, backyard storage is something many homeowners have in common, and Sam had the same issue.

“We had a couple of aluminium DIY sheds along the side of the house well-hidden because, while they are functional, they are pretty ugly,” he explains.  

But when he saw his neighbour’s Melwood, he realised practical storage did not have to come with a compromise on looks. “We knew instantly that we wanted the same for our garden,” Sam tells us. 

His backyard was also in need of a facelift. An easement running along its full-length limited landscaping options. There was an unwanted tree and a shaded section of lawn that was always damp and boggy. Added to this, the back of the yard dropped away significantly making most of it unusable and difficult to landscape. 

In with the stylish

Heading straight to a Greenspan Display Centre with a Melwood in mind, Sam was instantly drawn to a Porch 10. “It was an instant eye-catcher,” he says. He describes sitting down with one of our Design Solutioneers: “It was a delightful process of seeing how we could meet our brief… the 3D and virtual designs allowed for a true representation of what the finished look would be like”. 

With a design confirmed and personal design touches applied, the perfect spot in the garden was established. Remember that difficult drop-off? The elevated timber subfloor installed on piers meant that this previously unusable space could be transformed by Sam’s new shed. And without any need for earthworks and retaining. So simple! The dimensions of the nominal porch design were customised to make sure that it was a perfect fit. 

The catalyst for a garden makeover

Just weeks later, with his new Melwood Porch installed, the garden makeover could really start to take shape.

Sam removed the patch of shaded lawn and replaced it with a hardwood deck, butting it up to the Melwood and adding a smart looking extra deck area to the garden. The finished look blends seamlessly with the existing house and landscaping features.  “The outdoor porch has slotted in beautifully with a new additional deck which complements the existing one,” Sam confirms.

And with a smart new building in situ, Sam was inspired to continue the transformation further afield. “The garden area has now been re-landscaped and looks so much more appealing than previously,” he continues. 

Man cave to kelpie cave

While Sam’s Melwood now provides an attractive focal point in the garden, it also serves a practical purpose. The family garage was starting to become crowded with bulky items such as bikes and golf clubs. Now, Sam has much-needed dry and secure storage, and the garage can revert to its intended purpose as dedicated vehicle space. 

But beyond this, it is a haven for the family pet! “The real winner has been our 14-year-old kelpie, Abbey,” Sam explains. “She now has a warm, dry, spacious and shaded area to lounge in.” 

So, no longer “Sam’s Shed”, it’s now affectionately known as “The Abb Cave”. It’s the best kennel in town!

Sam’s Melwood is a Porch 10, customised to measure 2.6m x 2.7m. The porch area measures 2.6m x 1.3m. 

It features Board & Batten cladding and Sam further personalised his design with a sliding aluminium window in “White” and Colorbond® roofing in “Deep Ocean”. 

All measurements are approximate. 

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