Figbird Cottage: A Melwood marriage

Lisa, the owner of award-winning wedding and event venue, Figbird Cottage, had fallen in love with a Melwood 15 years ago.

So, when she decided to elevate the bridal experience further, Greenspan was the perfect proposal. 

“I love the simplicity of the design and the high-end finish.” 

Fall in love with Figbird Cottage 

In the heart of the NSW South Coast, sits a smattering of picturesque weatherboard properties nestled amongst rolling green hills. It’s a world away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, and an idyllic backdrop for an occasion to remember.

This special little pocket of beauty is where Figbird Cottage lies. An award-winning wedding and event venue, it’s a fairytale setting where dreams come true and memories are made.

Featuring sensational landscaped gardens, breathtaking rural views, boutique accommodation and a bespoke marquee, Figbird Cottage already offered everything a couple could want – and more – for an enchanting big day.

A rosy retreat where beauty blooms

But Lisa craved an extra touch for her brides. Pre-wedding prep is a cherished and significant ritual. It’s a special time of transformation spent with close companions and loved ones, filled with nervous excitement and the anticipation of walking down the aisle.

Lisa envisioned elevating this experience by creating a luxurious, intimate haven dedicated to the bridal party getting ready in sophisticated style.

“Rose Cottage is used as an exclusive makeup room for the bridal party,” says Lisa of the newest addition to the property.

A Melwod match

As a long-time admirer of our garden rooms, and studios, Lisa turned to Greenspan for this special space.

“We decided to design our own,” Lisa tells us.

In keeping with Figbird Cottage’s classic country style, Lisa selected a Melwood Verandah as the base design. A panorama window and full glass double doors with double-hung windows bathe the interior space in natural light and foster a sense of immersion within the surrounding English-style gardens.

White painted board and batten cladding, white window and door frames and Colorbond® roofing in “Monument” seamlessly integrates Rose Cottage within the venue’s elegant grounds.

Privately nestled amidst the beautiful English-style gardens, brides can enjoy the pre-wedding activities and prepare for their big reveal in a tranquil, picture-perfect setting. 

Unveiling the interior 

Stepping inside Rose Cottage is like entering a sumptuous haven designed to make every bride feel like a princess on her special day.

A velvet chaise lounge beckons for relaxation, while a huge antique mirror reflects the scene in timeless elegance. Chandelier wall sconces cast a warm glow, complementing the luxurious drapes and chic provincial-style furniture. Overflowing bouquets of fresh flowers and inviting buckets of champagne add a touch of celebratory flair.

This is the epitome of grandeur, a space dedicated to pampering, celebration, and creating lasting memories. Hairstylists and makeup artists work their magic here, while bridesmaids assist with final touches. And for photographers, Rose Cottage provides a dream backdrop to capture these precious moments forever. 

“Couples who come to the venue for showings are blown away with the style and elegance of the new addition,” Lisa reports. 

Making dreams come true 

Lisa recalls the experience of creating Rose Cottage as a positive one.

“All sales teams were highly professional and very helpful,” she says, describing her Design Solutioneer as “Amazing.” “I personally feel the procedure is easy and quick, which is what customers want,” she adds.

It’s an experience that once again highlights the collaborative and efficient design process offered by Greenspan. A stress-free experience for Lisa, and a stunning happily-ever-after for the brides of Figbird Cottage. 

A fairytale ending 

With the addition of the Melwood, Figbird Cottage has further solidified its position as a premier wedding venue. It offers not just a beautiful setting for couples to say their vows, but a complete and luxurious experience for brides and their bridal parties.

From the breathtaking landscapes to the meticulously designed on-site accommodation and now, the exquisite Rose Cottage, Figbird Cottage provides the perfect canvas for creating unforgettable wedding memories that will be cherished for a lifetime. 

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Rose Cottage is a Melwood Verandah 23 measuring 7.2m x 3.2m, with an additional 1.3m decked verandah.

It features board & batten cladding, timber doors, aluminium windows in “White” and Colorbond® roofing in “Monument”. 

All measurements are approximate. 

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