Belinda’s backyard multi-use Melwood 

In just four short years, this family’s Melwood has had multiple makeovers, proving its versatility and value as a multi-use garden room. 

“We love our cabana…It has definitely been a positive addition to our home.” 

Time to reimagine living space 

What started as a creative lockdown solution for remote working has evolved into a multi-use garden room that the whole family has benefited from. 

When COVID hit and lockdowns became the norm, families across Australia were forced to reimagine their living spaces. 

With school campuses closed, parents working from home and families under the same roof 24/7, lack of space was suddenly highlighted as an issue for many. And, in Western Sydney, this was the case for Belinda and her family of six.  

Seeking space and sanity  

Seeking quick and cost-effective solutions, Belinda came across Greenspan, “It was an affordable way to add extra space,” she tells us. Purchased at the start of 2020, the timing of their new garden room could not have been better. With the pandemic upon us, Belinda’s husband, like so many, needed to suddenly transition to full-time remote working. Not so easy with four children also needing to study online from home.   

And with so much time spent at home, families found themselves in need of ways to occupy themselves. For Belinda and her family, their new Melwood became the perfect project. “Our Melwood kept us busy during lockdown…painting and doing all the fitting out ourselves,” Belinda tells us. 

A multi-use garden room that evolves with life 

As restrictions eased and life changed, so did the garden room’s purpose. Shifting from full-time home office, the Melwood became the family’s focal point for relaxation and celebration. Situated next to an outdoor entertaining area, and adjacent to the pool and adjoining sun deck, it is the backyard centerpiece that ties these recreational elements together. “It adds a lovely relaxing and fun vibe to our backyard,” Belinda confirms.  

And, as the centrepiece of the garden, the fun vibe continues when it comes to celebrating and entertaining, with the multi-use garden room transforming into the perfect party palace. “Our Melwood looked fantastic at my daughter’s 18th birthday, all lit up with LED lights,” Belinda recalls.  

Scaling up for size 

Belinda found adding a garden room to be a simple and hassle-free process. “I had already chosen the design and style we liked from the information on your website,” Belinda recalls, and visiting a Display Centre further cemented her decision.

By achieving a sense of space and size, and with some expert guidance from her Design Solutioneer, Belinda opted to scale up her plans.

It’s yet another decision that she doesn’t regret, offering advice to anyone thinking of doing the same: “We would suggest they go as large as they can fit into their space. You won’t be disappointed.” 

The personalisation process 

Belinda opted for the Mod 21, generously sized at 5.4m x 3.7m, and then made it hers through personalisation.

“We really liked that we had the ability to remove things we didn’t need or add things like windows and doors,” she tells us. Belinda omitted the Mod’s standard deck inclusion as her husband had another project in mind to keep him busy on weekends; building a spotted gum landing and steps to the entry. 

Adding extra doors and windows to the already bright, open design maximises natural light, creating a light and breezy interior. And personalising the exterior with an all-white palette has created a crisp, modern look that perfectly complements the nearby pool and ties every element of the backyard’s landscaping together.

An outdoor shower added to one of the external walls allows for a pre- or post-swim rinse, before relaxing on the poolside deck.  

Multiple makeovers for multiple uses 

Nowadays, Belinda’s Melwood has taken on a new purpose in its journey as a multi-use garden room.

“We currently have our eldest daughter and boyfriend living in our cabana. They are in the process of looking for a rental property,” Belinda explains. And its spacious dimensions make it a more than comfortable bedroom and lounge, providing privacy and independence for the couple while they look for a more permanent home. 

What started as a cost-effective and hassle-free lockdown project has proven to be invaluable for this family.

As life has evolved, so has this multi-use garden room. It has solved the issue of remote working, provided poolside refuge on scorching summer days, packed a punch when partying, and acted as extra living quarters for young home seekers. 

Belinda sums up how her Melwood has enhanced everyday family living. “We love our cabana…It has definitely been a positive addition to our home.”  

Belinda’s Melwood is a Mod 21 measuring 5.4m x 3.7m.

It features Board & Batten cladding, timber doors, aluminium windows in “White” and Colorbond® roofing in “Surfmist”. 

All measurements are approximate. 

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