Gifting independence with a small country cabin 

Where Tim went, his dog went too. But when he headed off to university, this caused a huge problem. 

But this big issue could be overcome with a small country cabin and the gift of independence. 

“It was a wonderful experience.” 

A dog and a dilemma 

It was 2008 and Carol and Ian’s son was soon heading off to university in Armidale.

But there was a stumbling block to these plans. Tim and his canine companion were inseparable. And finding a rental that would take Tim and his dog was proving to be a huge struggle. 

“So, we found a suitable block of land at a reasonable price and thought we would build a kit home on it,” Carol explains. 

Problem solved! 

The small country cabin solution 

Carol recalls the exciting early stages of designing their country cottage. After taking a good look at the available options, they decided Greenspan’s range of Cedarspan cabins ticked all the boxes. 

She describes the choice of Cedarspan cabins and cottages on offer. “Very versatile, and the range of designs is just lovely,” she remembers.

But of particular appeal was the opportunity to create a design that was bespoke and personalised. “What we were impressed by was how you could reconfigure the design,” says Carol. The couple selected a Cathedral Loft cabin, tailoring the layout and design features to suit their preferences. 

A family affair

Another big bonus was the cost. “The price was very reasonable,” Carol explains. And, as if they needed any more persuasion, the concept of simple modular panels allowed for an easy build, so they could get hands-on. Keen to be involved in the creation of this special gift for their son, they eagerly assisted their ‘marvellous’ builder. “We participated, which made it feel special,” Carol says. 

And their exciting project quickly became a family affair. “My husband, myself and my youngest son painted it before it went up,” Carol shares. She recalls using Cedarshield to bring out the natural beauty of the cedar cladding and ensure it was well-protected for years to come. 

Community curiosity 

The small country cabin quickly caught the eye of the local residents, becoming the talk of the town! 

“People would drive past and wave, and sometimes they would drop in and have a chat because they wanted to have a look at what was going on,” Carol remembers.

It was a great way to get to know the locals and become part of the community before Tim even moved in! 

A classic country cabin in every way 

Having created the perfect exterior look, Carol next took great joy in styling the inside. “I’m a home decorator, so I loved the aspect of picking out our tiles, our tapware… painting the inside to the colours that we wanted,” she tells us.  

And what a job she did of that! 

The interior decor reflects the classic country cabin style. The 3m high walls and cathedral ceiling feature cosy wood panelling, and are separated by a timber picture rail which further accentuates the loftiness of the space. Touches of timber flooring and a country kitchen add warmth alongside the colour palette of soft greens and off-whites. 

The thoughtful layout creates open-plan but clearly defined living, dining and kitchen areas – the cosy heart of the home. This light and airy space opens onto generous front and back verandahs, completing it as a quintessential country cabin. 

A spacious bedroom and separate modern bathroom provide the remaining essential home comforts. And, sitting above it all, a loft offers further flexible space for storage.  

A gift of independence  

With the little cottage completed, it was time for Tim to move in. And that was when Carol and Ian reaped the true reward of their gift.

Witnessing their son living independently and transforming into a proud homeowner was a real highlight for Carol. “When Tim was a young man at home, he was a little grub, but he took pride in this little home,” Carol beams, “It was his little domain”. 

Ten years later, the family and their small country cabin parted ways but, for Carol, it was a thoroughly rewarding experience that she wouldn’t hesitate to repeat. “To think we were providing a home for our son, we got a lot of satisfaction out of that,” she reflects. “If we had the opportunity to do it again, we would. In a heartbeat” 

And maybe they will?  

Watch this space! 

Tim’s small country cabin is a Cedarspan Loft 30CHL50 measuring 5.6m x 9m, with a 5.4m x 3.6m loft and verandahs front and rear.

It features cedar cladding, aluminium windows in “Brown” and Colorbond® roofing in “Cottage Green”. 

All measurements are approximate. 

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