A relaxing retreat to rest and recharge

Sometimes, you need a place where you can just ‘be’. A space to sit, relax, and enjoy some peace. An escape from the hustle and bustle of a busy household. A haven from the bustling backdrop of life. 

A relaxing garden retreat, free from distractions, is a place where you can do exactly that. 

“The relaxation and calmness are amazing. It’s an escape from the daily routine, like a holiday house.” 

A recommendation for a relaxing retreat

When Serena and Dennis from Sydney’s North Shore had their pool installed, they envisioned completing it with a sheltered cabana – somewhere they could sit quietly and enjoy their new addition.

Their pool builders recommended Greenspan and having viewed the range, first online and then in the Display Centre, the couple agreed a Melwood would be perfect. 

With immaculate gardens and a brand-new sparkling pool, Dennis and Serena had a very specific vision for their new garden room. A bright and breezy Melwood Mod, was the ideal starting point. The modern design with its crisp, clean lines was the perfect complement to their pristine pool and gardens.  

A creative collaboration towards connection

Together with a Design Solutioneer, they made the modifications that would personalise their design and create exactly what they were after. Although Serena and Dennis made a number of changes, they found the task of personalisation to be effortless. “It was a very straightforward process,” they confirmed, “It was good to be able to see the product immediately on CAD and make the adjustments immediately.”  

Dennis and Serena added sliding doors to the side and swapped the standard windows for additional doors. Coupled with the highlight windows that are the signature of this design, the result is an interior filled with natural light. Throwing the doors open on two sides connects the room and garden as one. 

Set at the end of the aquamarine pool, surrounded by shiny white pavers, the garden room is styled to match. All white windows, doors and cladding are accented with a light grey roof and flashings. The white theme continues inside, highlighting the splashes of green foliage that connect the interior with the surrounding garden.   

A relaxing retreat, unplugged from life

In doing so, Serena and Dennis have created a sanctuary in the backyard dedicated to leisure, reflection and relaxation. “It has allowed us to utilise space in our backyard,” Serena and Dennis tell us. What would have been unused space at the end of their pool now serves a purpose. 

It’s a place to recharge. “Our family and I use it as a relaxing space for reading and meditation, away from electronics and the noise in the house,” Serena confirms, “It’s heaven for a busy mom…the relaxation and calmness are amazing”.  

A holiday house at home

She describes it as “like a holiday house'” and we can see why.

This relaxing garden room is instantly soothing and distraction-free. No TV, no computer, it is truly an escape from the intrusions of life.

Serena now has a place to retreat to for some quiet ‘me-time’, telling us she enjoys it for reading, listening to music and enjoying the sounds of nature. What is more relaxing than sitting next to water, amongst immaculate gardens and surrounded by bird song?  

And on the subject of water, naturally, their new Mod also serves as a pool cabana; a place to rest and escape from the sun between swims, sip on a cooling drink and enjoy the gardens. 

A shared summer of serenity

Dennis and Serena also enjoy sharing the relaxing experience with friends and family, often entertaining guests in poolside style and comfort. “I love spending time with my friends, sipping on a couple of glasses of wine, and engaging in cheerful conversations during a sunset afternoon in this lovely pool house,” Serena says. 

It has only been a few months since the couple invested in their new outdoor living space, but are already reaping its many benefits. With summer now upon us, there are many more sunshine-filled days ahead, enjoying the pool, sitting with friends and recharging from life. 

Pure bliss! 

Dennis and Serena’s Melwood is a Mod 15 measuring 5.4m x 2.6m.

It features Board & Batten cladding, aluminium windows in “White” and custom Colorbond® roofing in “Wallaby”. Serena and Dennis further personalised their design by adding double timber and sliding doors, and omitting the decking.

All measurements are approximate. 

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