Your Questions, Answered!

This month on the blog, we chat with our product & interior stylist to get answers to some of your most-asked questions!

Q. How many windows can I have? 

You can add as many doors and windows to your Melwood Cabana as you like! You can also choose where they will go.

Our friendly & knowledgeable team are on hand if you need help making these decisions.

Q. Can I remove the Verandah/Deck from the Cabana? 

Yes, we can supply your Cabana without a Verandah/Deck.

You can also add your own deck later, to create a large alfresco area, like Claudia has here:

Q. How can I maximise light in my Cabana? 

A very popular solution for maximising light is to add Double Doors & Sidelights to your Cabana.

The ‘sidelights’ are essentially windows, and the double doors fold back flat against the building, creating a nice wide opening and really opening up the space.

Q. How long does it take to build on my property?

Our team usually only take 1 day to assemble your cabana on your property.

You can see a video of this here:

Q. What does the inside of my cabana look like when it’s delivered? 

Your cabana is delivered and setup by our team to ‘lock up stage’ (timber-framed Stud Walls with ‘Sarking’ (foil lining) on the walls).

Insulation is already included in the roof. There are examples of this in our Interiors Gallery.

We recommend visiting one of our Display Centres to get an idea of the look & feel of your garden room.

An example of a Melwood Garden Room at ‘lock up stage’

Q. Do you supply plumbing, electrical and gyprock? 

No. Your cabana is supplied to ‘lock up stage’ and then you arrange any services and interiors yourself.

Q. A lot of images in your gallery are light grey cabanas. What is this colour? 

A very popular combination, we see a lot of cabanas painted Exterior Grade Shale Grey, with white windows & doors and a Woodland Grey colorbond roof.

Click here to view the complete gallery.

Shale grey walls, Woodland Grey roof + white feature doors & windows

Q. Where will my garden room be made? 

Melwood products are manufactured in our factory in Sydney.

We have been located here in Sydney, Australia since the company was founded in 1976.

You can view our range of Cabins, Sheds, Cabanas and Garden Rooms for yourself at our Display Centres. Click here for details

Q. What do Melwood garden rooms cost? 

Our Melwood cabana and garden sheds prices are all available in our product guide which you can download here.

Q. What sizes are Melwood Products available in? 

Melwood products are available in a range of different designs and sizes, so there is sure to be one to suit your property!
Download our product guide to view the complete range of standard sizes and designs available.

Q. Do you deliver to rural areas? 

Yes! We do deliver to rural and semi-rural areas!

Depending on how far you are from our factory, we can deliver & setup for you, or for more remote locations we can send your cabana in kit form, for easy DIY.

Q. Do you service Canberra and the ACT? 

Yes, we do currently deliver and setup Cabanas in Canberra and the ACT! Contact us today for a quote.

Q. My property is in a Bushfire Zone. Can I put a Cabana on my property?

In most bushfire areas, outbuildings need to be situated at least 5 metres from any dwelling (this includes your house and any neighbouring houses).

If you need it to be within 5m of a dwelling, we can upgrade the materials and processes accordingly. Contact us for more information on this.

Q. What is the inside finish like? 

Our products have timber-framed Stud Walls with ‘Sarking’ (foil insulation) on the walls.

50mm ‘Anticon’ Insulation is already included in the roof. There are examples of this in our Interiors Gallery.

We recommend visiting one of our Display Centres to get an idea of the look & feel of your garden room.

Q. What is the floor of the Melwood Cabana like? 

The floor of your Cabana range is tongue-and-groove ply flooring fastened to a sturdy grid floor system.

All of the sub-floor and piers are treated against termite attack, and that treatment process has a 40-year guarantee.

You can then add floor coverings on top, or simply stain the ply for a stunning natural look. (see image below)

stain the supplied ply flooring for a stunning natural look

Q. What are the  Piers/Footings used? 

Our standard Melwood floor system uses a number of sturdy piers and each sit on a precast concrete footing.

This distributes the load evenly across the span of the structure and ensures load-bearing capacity is consistent throughout.

You will be able to confidently store heavy items and/or equipment in your cabana.

Q. Do I need a concrete slab? 

Good news! Our standard floor system does not require a slab! This is a great saving in time & money for you!

Q. I already have a slab. Can you install onto that? 

If you already have a slab on the property, we can work with that. (Even if your new cabana is larger than the existing slab!).

Our Site Estimator can discuss this with you when he is onsite.

Q. Can you measure my site? 

Yes, we can send one of our Site Estimators to measure your property and help you decide which size will fit your site best.

We recommend you visit our Display Centres first to get an idea of the size and quality of our product range.

Q. I know what size and type of structure I need, what is the next step? 

Please contact our team to request a Site Appointment, and we will be in touch shortly!

Didn’t find your question here? Send it to enquiries@greenspangroup.com.au and we’ll get back to you with the answer!

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