Tips for Holiday Property Owners & Airbnb Hosts

As our beautiful country slowly opens back up again, we’re thinking about all the wonderful Aussie Airbnb & holiday property hosts who have had a rough time of it lately. 

As and where regulations permit, now is the perfect time to get your holiday property ready to welcome guests for the upcoming summer season. Roadtripping and staycations are becoming the new normal (and only option) for holiday-makers.

Here are a few key tips & pointers to help you get back on your feet, illustrated by examples from some of the many beautiful Holiday Properties in Australia!


Make it Memorable

As a host, it’s important to create memorable experiences that your guests will remember and talk about long after their stay with you. ⁠
Think about special touches that you can offer your guests as part of their stay.

Do you offer a welcome hamper on arrival? Bespoke local supplies for a DIY breakfast the next morning? Perhaps coffee tokens for the local cafe? ⁠When your guests get home from their weekend away, it’s these special little touches that they’ll remember and tell their friends about. And as we all know, word of mouth is the best marketing!

Make sure these gestures are photographed and mentioned in your social media and listings – these are the things that guests will remember you for.


Small gestures like a token that entitles your guests to a free coffee at the local cafe are a great way to make guests feel welcome. Image: Salt at Shoal Bay on Instagram


Make it Easy to Book

Make sure it is clear how & where guests can book a stay at your property.

If you have your own website, but all bookings are through Airbnb or similar, make sure there is a clear button on your website (ideally in the top right hand corner), so visitors can click and make a booking. 

People shouldn’t have to hunt around for your booking link.

If the link is clearly mentioned on all of your social media pages, and listings online, it will be easy for guests to book, and your calendar will fill up!


This Cedarspan cabin is a beautiful Airbnb destination in Oberon, NSW known as St Clements Cottage.


Tell us about the Locals

It’s important to remember that guests staying at your property are not familiar with your area, and looking to you for advice!

They might not be sure where is the best place to eat, the best coffee in town or local tourist attractions. 

What do you love most about your area? Where’s a great place to eat? Where should guests visit? Are there any hidden local gems that tourists don’t know about? When you share these local secrets with your guests, you make their stay easier, and at the same time increase interest in your property.

Bonus Tip: Create & print a checklist for your guests to tick off during their stay. 


Is there anything better than a hot cinnamon doughnut? And I'm not talking about the day-old ones you can get from that dodgy bakery in the train station. At the Berry Donut Van, they'll make your order fresh, which means a piping-hot cinammon creation that tastes like nothing you've ever tried before. So. Damn. Good.

Suggest where your guests can get coffee, meals or snacks nearby, as well as places to visit and things to do. Image: The Berry Donut Van is one of the highlights of Berry, NSW; a must-visit if you’re in the area!


Define your ideal guests

As with any company selling any product or service, it’s important to define who you are trying to reach.

This will allow you to tailor your words to speak right to your ideal guests (and will make your words more effective!)


Are you trying to reach:

  • young families with kids or pets? (mention that your venue is kid or pet friendly!)

  • road trippers? (mention how far your property is from Sydney, or whichever is your nearest capital city!)

  • beachgoers (mention local beaches and tourist destinations)

  • honeymooners (mention the privacy of your location, and special gestures like champagne and strawberries on arrival)

  • couples looking for a wedding venue? (mention the features of your venue, and packages you offer to couples)

  • businesses who will use your venue for meetings or events? (include photos and descriptions of your venue: large meeting areas or conference tables etc).


Once you know who you are speaking to, it will make it much easier to write your posts and listings, and your words will resonate with your ideal client!


For example – here at Cedarspan we help people turn properties into destinations with beautiful hand-crafted prefab buildings.  So we’ve created this post to help you if you’re a Holiday Property Owner, or inspire you if you’d like to become one!


No. 20H30, cedar cladding upgrade, additional Windows, Cedar Window upgrade, Add verandah & deck, add elevated floor, solid timber door


Post beautiful photos from your area

What do the local attractions look like? How far are they from your stay?

By posting photos of local attractions such parks, beaches, wineries or other tourist destinations, you’ll make it easier for people to plan out their weekend, and make yourself the obvious choice for their accommodation. 

Another benefit of this is building healthy relationships with the local businesses.

When ‘out of town’ visitors stop for coffee and ask “where is a good place to stay round here?” guess who they are going to recommend? It’s a win-win.


Post images of local beaches and tourist attractions to inspire your guests. Image: Jervis Bay, NSW. Via Pinterest


Add a CTA (Call to Action) 

It’s important that you add a CTA or Call To Action at the bottom of every post you share about your Airbnb location. Every post should have a purpose.

What do you want people to do after they read your post? Call you? Ask a question? Message a friend? Book a stay? 

Ask them to do exactly that, give them the link to do it, and you’ll see results. 

For example “We have a few slots left for a weekend stay in December! Click the link here to secure yours before they’re gone. We can’t wait to welcome you to beautiful [your suburb].”


Feeling inspired?  Create your own Airbnb or Holiday Property.

If you’re thinking about creating your own Airbnb with a prefab Cedarspan cabin, we’re here and ready to make it as easy as possible for you.

CEDARSPAN™ buildings are pre-made in our western Sydney factory to lock-up stage (externally complete) and then assembled onsite in just few days. 

It really is the quickest & easiest way to build on any rural property and has been proven time & time again since we started in 1976.

We have installers we can recommend, or you can use any qualified local builder to assemble the kit on your property.

Click here to download our price list, which contains dimensions + pricing for the Cedarspan range. We’ll be in contact within a few days to answer any questions you may have.

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