This Multipurpose Garden Room is a Home Gym & Hobby Space

This multipurpose Garden Room is a Home Gym & Hobby Space.

Meet “Caz’s Cottage” – a garden room that doubles as a home gym and a sewing space.

Carolyn’s garden room gives her space to work out each day, as well as dedicated space to focus on her sewing projects.

Caz's Cottage - A multipurpose Home Gym & Sewing Room
Caz’s Cottage – A multipurpose Home Gym & Sewing Room

Carolyn has chosen the Double Doors & Sidelights for the front of her Cabana, and says “During nice weather I open up the French doors and over look the gardens. At other times, I keep it closed, roll up the blinds and still enjoy the lovely outlook.Thanks again for my wonderful cabana!”

This garden room is the Verandah Cabana No.15. At 5.4 x 2.6m, it provides plenty of space inside without taking over the backyard.

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Part One: Home Gym

Half of Carolyn’s garden room is a Home Gym.

By simply adding a few gym machines to her cabana, she has created a safe, sheltered space to come and work out each day.

A Home Gym could be the answer to finally reaching your health & fitness goals! There’s no excuse not to workout if the gym is right in your own backyard!

No gym fees, no sharing machines, and (most importantly) full control of the playlist.

Home Gym in a Backyard Cabana
Another added benefit is the great outlook. With alot of glass along the front of her cabana, Carolyn can look out at the garden as she works out, and enjoy natural sunlight streaming into the room.

Part Two: Sewing Room

Carolyn’s sewing room is the other half of her multi-purpose cabana. It gives her a cozy space to sit and complete her projects without distractions.

Whether it’s sewing or another pastime, most hobbyists can relate to the frustration of having to pack your things away to make room for others.

By having a dedicated hobby space in the backyard, you’re able to leave your work setup, ready for when you return.

There’s also plenty of space to store tools & supplies, and ensure you stay organised.

With a desk, sewing machine and shelving for storage, Carolyn has tranformed this half of her cabana into the ultimate sewing space. 

Highlight windows on the back wall let in natural light (essential for creative hobbies!), whilst keeping the room private.

Melwood Garden Rooms are made-to-order. By choosing Melwood, you know you’re getting a solution made for your property & your lifestyle. A dedicated studio is not an expense. It’s a wise investment that you will enjoy for years to come.

Adding a garden room to your backyard is quicker & easier than most people realise.

The whole process can be completed in just a few weeks, and we’re here to hold your hand & show you the way.

The first step is to download the brochure which shows you all designs, sizes & pricing.

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We’ll be in touch in the next few days to answer your questions and help you bring your garden room to life!

2-in-1 Garden Room is a home gym and hobby room
Carolyn’s multipurpose garden room has given her space for a home gym and a hobby room in the backyard!
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