Studios for Small Backyards

So you’d really love a backyard studio shed for your property, but your backyard is on the smaller size?

Good news. You can get a custom-made garden shed studio that will suit your small backyard!

Scroll down to find out more about our Small Backyard Studios, and how to get one on your property!

small backyard studio and office
This inner-city backyard art studio measures just 2.0 x 3.6m

Small Backyard Studio Designs

Most Melwood backyard studio designs are available in small sizes.

Most come in a 10m2 size, and can be customised further to suit your space.

Here are some examples of Melwood Designs in the ‘No.10’ size (10m2 internal space).

Need something smaller? 

If a 10m2 outdoor studio sounds a little big,  then contact us today with your measurements.

We regularly design garden studio sheds for small properties and offer sizes as small as 2.0 x 1.8m.

Site Access for Small Properties

A lot of inner-city backyards have tight access, restricting what can be added to the property.

Your new Melwood Garden Room is pre-manufactured in our factory, then brought to your property in sections that are assembled on site.

As long as there is space for us to walk down to the backyard carrying the panels, it’s possible for us to build your outdoor studio room on your property.

Still not sure? You can schedule a Site Appraisal with one of our estimators, who will assess the access and property for you.

A Melwood Backyard Studio Shed
This stylish backyard studio is at the end of a narrow walkway beside a Terrace home.

How long does delivering a garden sheds studio take?

Delivery and setup are usually completed in a day, and, for small backyard shed studios, can take just a few hours!

Our in-house delivery teams are specifically trained and very experienced, so you know you’re in good hands!

Helpful Tips + Next Steps

So, you’re ready to get started with your backyard studio. Here’s what to do next:

  1. Download the Brochure if you haven’t already. This contains all of the dimensions and pricing and will help you choose which fits your property best.
  2. Measure your backyard – keeping in mind that your studio needs to be 90cm from any boundaries.
  3. Plan your door & window configurations – you can put doors and windows wherever you like on your studio. We recommend double doors, as it gives you a nice wide opening for getting things in/out of your studio
  4. Visit a Display Centre – most Display Centres have small studios on display. It’s great to be able to step inside and get an idea of what the different sizes feel like. Our team will also be on hand to help you out and provide advice if required. Click here for locations & opening hours.
  5. Place Your Order – you can place your order with staff at the Display Centres.
  6. Site Appraisal – Schedule a professional site appraisal at your property. This gives you peace of mind about placement, sizing and options.
  7. The Magic Happens – we make your order (from scratch) in our factory here in Sydney. A lot of the building process is done at the factory, making site time quick & easy.
  8. Delivery Day – our team deliver and set up your studio. This usually takes just a few hours (and is fascinating to watch!).
Download design price guide
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