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Space to focus & create. Without distractions. 

A dedicated Backyard Art Studio is what every artist needs.


As an artist, you can probably relate to this: you set up your workspace within your home, on the dining table or in the living room, and try to focus, blocking out the distractions around you. It works, kinda. Until someone else comes and needs the space. You have to pack everything up and put it away before you’re done. It’s frustrating.

You think “If only I had somewhere where I could leave my work setup, and not have to pack it away! Somewhere I can escape to, to avoid distractions and create my best work when I’m in the zone”.

If this sounds like you, you’re in the right place.


A Melwood Art Studio is the quick & easy way to get the space you need.

We help Artists create a dedicated backyard art studio that allows you to focus and produce your best work, without distractions.  And we have been doing it for over 40 years.


Melwood Art Studio Features:



Take a look at some of the Art Studios we’ve created:

All of these photos are of Melwood Art Studios – decorated and fitted out by their very talented and creative owners!



Hear what other artists say about their Melwood Art studios:


Kimberley’s art studio kit has allowed her to move her artwork from the living room to the backyard.  Kimberley says “It’s sooooo great to be able to make a mess and walk away. My art has definitely improved with this space.”

Kimberly's Art Studio. Source: @kimberlygreenart on Instagram
Kimberly’s daughter & pup inside her Melwood Art Studio. Source: @kimberlygreenart



Claudia’s Backyard Art Studio is a multi-purpose space that is used by her whole family. Claudia says “It’s the spare room that our main house doesn’t have. We use it for guests, parties, quiet afternoon naps, as a painting studio and just to get “away”. It’s a fabulous addition to our house.”

Claudia's Multipurpose Art Studio
Claudia’s Multipurpose Art Studio



David’s backyard studio is the Mod Cabana No.20. Providing a massive 20m2 of space for his artwork, the studio means that David can spend more time creating bright, colourful artwork.

David's large & colourful backyard art studio in North Sydney.
David’s large & colourful art studio in North Sydney.



Kerri’s art studio has created space to paint in peace, and occasionally teach classes! Kerri’s studio is the Mod Cabana No.18. The Mod Cabana is a popular choice for Art Studios, as it features highlight windows, specially designed to let in as much natural light as possible.

Mod Cabana No.18 Art Studio
Kerri’s Melwood Art Studio. Source: @kerrikerleyart on Instagram


Ready to get your own Art Studio? 

We can’t wait to help you create your dream art studio, and give your creativity the space it needs & deserves.  

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