An art studio where creativity blooms

A professional artist needs a peaceful, private retreat in which to think, reflect and create.

And when your home is surrounded by inspiration, that space should be there.

“I can leave it and shut the door…
and it’s ready, waiting for me.” 

Nicola in her art studio

From dining table to art studio

As an artist specialising in Australian botanics, Nicola lives in the perfect location. A semi-rural Northern Beaches suburb set amongst bushland, and a vibrant natural environment bursting with native flora and fauna.

Inspiration surrounds her.

What was missing was a dedicated creative space to translate this inspiration onto canvas.

Active with exhibitions and commission pieces, working from the family dining table was no longer an option. Understandably though, Nicola didn’t want to work anywhere else. She had the perfect environment to inspire her artistic niche.

Investing in a garden art studio was the clear solution. And a Melwood Mod was the obvious choice.

Where nature and art meet

Nicola’s finished studio is as visually appealing on the outside as the masterpieces she creates within.

Accents of grey and white add a subtle, modern elegance while the upgrade to stained cedar on one side incorporates nature into the design. By adding sidelights to the standard inclusions of double doors and highlight windows, Nicola has created a frontage of glass. This floods the studio with natural light and embraces the garden views.

Inside is the calm sanctuary and freedom to create that Nicola needed.

Convenience and practicality

The garden room has also added practicality and ease to family life.

With three children at home, Nicola previously had to pack away her art supplies at the end of every day to regain the dining table.

She no longer has to do this.

She can simply shut the door, return to the house, and come back to a ready, waiting creative haven whenever inspiration strikes.

With a work space in the backyard, there is no need to worry about the kids when inspiration strikes. “Even though they’re here, I don’t have to go somewhere else to work, which is good,” she explains.

Space to breathe

It’s not just a place to get hands-on though. The creative process requires breathing space and Nicola now has a haven for uninterrupted reflection and contemplation. “It’s quite a personal space for me,” Nicola states. “It’s helpful having no distractions.”

A product of the environment

It’s been almost five years since Nicola made the move to her garden studio and it has transformed productivity for her. “I don’t know how I managed to do it before,” she says.

With a list of accolades and exhibitions to her name, Nicola’s art has gone from strength to strength and her distinctive talent is recognised by many.

Regularly selling out of art galleries and online via her website, Nicola agrees that her art studio enables her to produce artwork from home without limitations.

Her recent ‘100 Days of Oil Pastel’ solo exhibition comprised 100 consecutive masterpieces. Could she have done this without a peaceful environment in which to paint for days on end?

It would certainly have been a more difficult undertaking from the dining table!

A Melwood success story

Her close ties to art galleries extend both locally and Australia-wide, and Nicola’s artwork has gained popularity in esteemed venues such as the Michael Reid Northern Beaches art gallery in Newport. Her exhibition ‘Bush Notes’ is currently on display here, and absolutely worth checking out if you’re in the area.

This popularity keeps her busy. “I have a solo exhibition coming up in November so that’s what I’m working on at the moment,” she tells us of her future plans. “I’m in the art studio every day working towards the exhibition with at least 15 pieces filling the gallery. It’s a lot of work.”

In telling us how her Melwood has impacted her life, Nicola says “Now I’m much more productive and can commit to more exhibitions.”

We like to think that by providing her with the space to do what she does best, we have contributed in some part to Nicola’s success!

Nicola’s Melwood is a Mod 12 measuring 3.6m x 3.2m.

It features a cedar cladding upgrade feature wall, with Board and Batten cladding as standard to the others.

Nicola further personalised her design by adding additional timber sidelights, aluminium windows in “White” and Colorbond® roofing in “Woodland Grey”. 

All measurements are approximate. 

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Cedar feature wall to art studio

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